Touro University Worldwide Scholarships Available For Wide Range of Students

As part of providing adult learners access to high-quality degree programs through online courses, Touro University Worldwide allocates about $4 million a year toward institutional scholarships to reduce tuition costs.

Four of every 10 TUW students receive a scholarship. The programs reflect TUW’s commitment to adult learners, professionals, and underserved student populations. With an understanding of the challenges students face, TUW created a variety of scholarships to provide support to as many as possible.

These TUW scholarships help make earning a college degree possible. TUW can also assist students as they match scholarships with their talents and skills.

University Scholarships Available at TUW

TUW scholarships benefit students in a variety of areas. In addition to these scholarships, TUW also seeks to limit costs by not charging additional technology or library fees and not requiring textbook purchases for most classes.

Potential students should keep these TUW scholarships in mind as they learn to attain college scholarships from other sources.

Achieve Your Success

Students in all undergraduate degree programs are eligible for the Achieve Your Success scholarship. TUW awards the scholarship based on a review of cumulative GPA, scholarship application, and admission records. The award recognizes students who commit to uninterrupted learning and meet eligibility requirements.

Needs-Based Scholarship for Undergraduate Programs

The Needs-Based Scholarship provides up to a 37.5 percent discount to eligible TUW students depending on the student’s expected family contribution. This scholarship targets students who come from working families earning between $30,000 and $80,000 annually. TUW offers the scholarship only to new degree-seeking students who enroll full-time (at least 12 credits per semester).

Military Tuition Scholarship

TUW offers military scholarships that apply to degrees at all levels. The levels are:

  • A 37.5 percent discount for those in an associate degree or bachelor’s degree program
  • A 40 percent discount for those earning a master’s degree
  • A 20 percent discount for those earning a doctorate

TUW offers military scholarships to active-duty service members, veterans, retirees, National Guard members, Reservists, Department of Defense employees, and their spouses and children.

Law Enforcement Scholarship

The TUW Law Enforcement Scholarship offers the same percentage discounts like those offered through military scholarships. TUW offers the scholarship to members of police departments, sheriff’s offices, state highway patrols, fire departments, park rangers, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Marshals Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and many more.

Dr. Edith Neumann Scholarship

TUW offers this scholarship to students who enroll in a health science program. The scholarship honors Dr. Edith Neumann, who led TUW as Provost and Professor of Health Sciences from 2012 to 2018. The one-time award provides students $1,000 toward tuition in eligible degree programs, including:

  • Bachelor in Health Sciences
  • Masters in Health Sciences
  • Masters in Healthcare Administration
  • Masters in Human Services
  • Doctor of Health Science

Alumni Scholarship

The Alumni Scholarship provides tuition discounts for TUW alumni who return to the university to earn another degree. If eligible, they earn a 37.5 percent tuition discount for an associate or bachelor’s degree, a 40 percent tuition discount for a master’s degree, and 20 percent for a doctorate.

Earning Touro University Worldwide scholarships can make a student’s educational goals more attainable. The university designs its scholarships to help as many students as possible, fulfilling its goal of providing high-quality education to working adults at affordable prices.

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