College isn’t always the first stop after high school graduation for many of our students. They are adventurers that choose to serve their country in the military, explore career options first hand, or travel the globe before starting their bachelor degree studies.

Many of our students transfer to Touro University Worldwide from other institutions to continue their education. They may transition from their community college with an associate’s degree, or decide to move from in-person classes at a four year institution to a more flexible and easily accessible online learning environment. Still others started their education and had to pause their studies while taking care of other priorities, including family.

These students have returned to higher education in search of an alternative to the traditional on-ground academic environment to complete their degree and have discovered the convenience of an online bachelor’s degree from Touro University Worldwide.

Regardless of your reason for choosing Touro University Worldwide or the path you took to get here, all of our students agree that there is real value in an undergraduate degree and fully believe in the power of higher education in supporting a better future.

The Online Advantage

Online programs provide a necessary advantage when balancing professional and personal commitments in the midst of earning a college degree.

Our challenging curriculum delivers quality academic study with practical applications for a relevant, hands-on learning experience. Through the program duration, our students expand their views, increase their skills and further their careers.

All Touro University Worldwide students receive academic support from faculty members and staff, who are dedicated mentors and committed to your academic and personal success.

Touro University Worldwide is expanding its undergraduate degree offerings in the near future. Bookmark this site or speak with an admissions counselor for the latest information on our bachelor’s degree offerings.