Many health care professionals recognize the importance of addressing health and wellness in its totality and are taking a holistic approach in their practice focusing on one or more of these areas of health and wellness. Touro University Worldwide offers multiple health and human services degree programs that focus on the mind, body and spirit for professional and personal development.

TUW’s Edith Neumann School of Health and Human Services is focused on delivering a solid professional education that fosters the well-being of community members and positions professionals to make positive contributions to society. Scholar-practitioners lead academic studies through an inclusive learning environment that delivers a high level of academic achievement and promotes real-world success.

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Lyzette Blanco

  • Areas of expertise: Multidisciplinary and applied research in ethnic/racial disparities, childhood obesity, tobacco cessation and impact of trauma.
  • Published author.
  • Reviewer for several academic peer-reviewed journals.

Roles at TUW

  • Director of the Edith Neumann School of Health and Human Services
  • Assistant Professor

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Cherrie Dowdell

  • Areas of expertise: HIV/disease prevention, infectious disease and education.
  • Current member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Global Rapid Response Team.
  • Served as a firefighter in NAS Oceana for the U.S. Navy

Roles at TUW

  • Adjunct Professor of Health Sciences, the Edith Neumann School of Health and Human Services

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Denise Mayo

  • Areas of expertise: Childhood literacy, women in leadership, particularly as applied to minority or economically disenfranchised populations.
  • Published in several academic books and journals

Roles at TUW

  • Director of the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Program, the Edith Neumann School of Health and Human Services
  • Professor of Social Work

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Ceabert J. Griffith

  • Areas of expertise: Specializing in Family Medicine and Public Health.
  • Wellness consultant with eclectic research interests that include: health promotion/disease prevention; the role of social determinants of health, health outcomes, and life expectancy; and the daily habits that drive behaviors linked to non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, and some cancers.
  • Published author of the book “14 Habits of Wellness” available via

Roles at TUW

  • Adjunct Professor in the Doctorate of Physician Assistant (DPA) program, the Edith Neumann School of Health and Human Services.
  • DPA Final Project (Dissertation) Chairperson and Committee Member.

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