Touro University Worldwide defines a student eligible for the military tuition rate as one (1) of the following.

  • Active duty and their immediate family
  • National Guard, Active Duty, Reservists, Retirees, Veterans and their immediate family
  • Reservists and their immediate family
  • Retirees and their immediate family
  • Veterans (discharged under honorable conditions—must provide DD Form 214) and their immediate family
  • Department of Defense employees (contractors exempt) and their immediate family

* All U.S. Military Branches are included under Active Duty, Reservists, Retirees and Veterans. (U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard)

Military Achievement Scholarship

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Full tuition rate$400$500$700
Discount %37.5%40%20%
Active duty and their immediate family$250$300$560
Coast Guard and their immediate family$250$300$560
National Guard and their immediate family$250$300$560
Reservists and their immediate family$250$300$560
Retirees and their immediate family$250$300$560
Veterans (honorable conditions – provide DD214) and their immediate family$250$300$560
DoD Employees (non-contractor) and their immediate family (10%)$250$300$560

Yearly Tuition Cost

Degree LevelOne Course Per Session (18 credits per year)Two Courses Per Session (36 credits per year)

*One course is 3 credits. TUW has 6 sessions (starts) per year.

Tuition Paid Prior to Start of Class

All military students must have either an approved tuition assistance form, or approved veterans benefits or other payment option prior to starting any course.

Please go here for information on Ways to Pay.


All materials for TUW are fully online, so there is no textbook requirement for any of our programs. In addition to eliminating this cost, TUW has eliminated many of the fees and hidden costs that drive up the cost of tuition. When you enroll in a TUW online degree program, you can say no to:

Library fees$0
Media fees$0
Parking fees$0
Student ID card$0
Student service fees$0
Technology fees$0

TUW has also waived the $60 application fee for all prospective students so there is no risk in applying for enrollment to one of TUW’s online degree programs. TUW is upfront about the fees it requires so you are not surprised by your bill. TUW tuition fees include the following:

Degree Audit/Graduation fee$200One time occurrence
Replacement diploma$20Each occurrence
Replacement Student ID card$10Each occurrence
Returned check$30Each occurrence
Transcript request$10Per copy
Material Fee (MFT Program Only)*$145One time occurrence

* Material Fee: Students on the Clinical track are required to pay $145 Material Fee during the Capstone course (MFT690), which will provide access to exam kit that prepares students for the CA Exam, National Exam and LPCC Exam. The exam kit is part of the capstone course only.

* Students in the Doctorate program are required to purchase the following software: SPSS Grad Pack

Military Drop or Incomplete

Policy On Drop Or Military Incomplete Due To Military Necessity

If a military student must drop course(s) due to military necessity (i.e. TDY, TDA, Emergency Leave, Short Notice Movement, etc), he/she must provide a letter from his/her commanding officer or Education Service Officer (ESO) on service letterhead verifying the military necessity and the need to drop the course.  Upon verification:

  • The course(s) will be dropped and tuition 100% refunded if it is within the University add/drop period.
  • If it is after the add/drop period, a grade of “IM” (Military Incomplete) will be assigned and the student will be given an extension of six (6) months to complete all course requirements with his/her course faculty and receive a letter grade. No tuition refund will be made and there is no additional charge by the University to the student or the military service during the extension period.

Upon receipt of the verification to drop the course(s) due to military necessity the university will provide a letter of extension in accordance with the student’s service policy, unless otherwise requested in the verification letter, to the Base Education Services Officer (ESO) and a copy to the student.

TA Return Policy (Military)

For military service members using Military Tuition Assistant (TA Funds) the following Return Schedules are applied to TA funds only:

  • 100-percent of Tuition Assistance received will be returned if the student withdraws within the first week of class. The student’s request will be processed as a drop for the purpose of returning TA funds only.
  • 75-percent of Tuition Assistance received will be returned if the student withdraws through the end of the second week of classes.
  • 50-percent of Tuition Assistance received will be returned if the student withdraws after the second week of classes, but before the end of the fourth week of classes.
  • 25-percent of Tuition Assistance received will be returned if the student withdraws after the fourth week of classes, but before the end of the sixth week of classes.
  • No Tuition Assistance received will be returned if the student withdraws after the sixth week of classes.

If Military service members are using any other funds types to pay for their tuition such as VA, Cash (credit card) etc. refer back to the aforementioned “Tuition Refund Schedule.”