Decision Support Systems and their Effect on the Healthcare Industry

As the technology associated with data analysis continues to advance, modern-day physicians are able to rely on decision support systems to make an even more accurate diagnosis and suggest more effective treatment options for their patients. In this article, we’ll look at what decision support systems are and the effect they are having on the healthcare industry.

What are Decision Support Systems?

Decision support systems are computers that take a patient’s entire medical history, current symptoms, and other data, then analyze it using a series of complex algorithms. Based on this analysis, decision support systems are then able to make a diagnosis that physicians can use to back up their own diagnosis.

In addition to making a diagnosis, decision support systems are also able to recommend treatments and procedures that will have the highest chance of being successful for a particular patient.

What do Decision Support Systems Mean for the Healthcare Industry?

While some may worry that decision support systems are replacing real, live physicians, the exact opposite is true. Decision support systems are an incredibly valuable tool that physicians can use to better aid their patients, but they are just that – a tool. Even the name itself tells you that decision support systems exist to “support” a physician’s own analysis. As valuable as these systems are, they won’t be replacing the experience and instinct of talented healthcare professionals anytime soon.

With that said, the advancing technology of decision support systems is nothing but good news for everyone, both healthcare professionals and patients alike. Anytime advances in technology allow physicians to do their job better, it’s beneficial for everyone involved.

Indeed, the healthcare industry is alive and growing, and technological advances such as those demonstrated by decision support systems suggest an even brighter future for healthcare. If you would like to make that bright future part of your own future as well, we invite you to explore our health and human services degree programs today!

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