Three Traits of Successful CEOs

As the number of new companies continue to grow at an ever-increasing rate, more and more driven entrepreneurs and businessmen and women are able to pursue the role of Chief Executive Officer. If you aspire to become the CEO of an organization, consider working towards attaining these three characteristics that are common to successful CEOs:

Forward Thinking

CEOs are forward-thinkers, using holistic approach looking to the future and devising strategies and steps that they will need to take in order to make their company successful. Successful CEO’s has the ability to asses and analyze ways that will lead to the desired goals.

Risk Takers

Successful CEOs take risks, at least when the odds are in their favor. CEOs must make vitally important decisions every single day, and often the safest decision isn’t always the best one. No decision is also a decision. For this reason, a CEO must have a high tolerance for risk and the ability to not let that risk blind their judgment.


In most cases, any decision is better than no decision at all. As a company’s highest decision maker, CEOs must prioritize action and quickly direct the company as new situations arise. Risk aversion and indecisiveness may cost the organization time, money, and lost opportunities. Instead, successful CEOs must always be action-oriented and quick to move forward with their decisions.


In addition to these three traits, one thing that most all successful CEOs have is a wealth of business knowledge from which to draw from. If you would like to learn more about acquiring the education you need to succeed in the business world and potentially make it all the way to CEO, we invite you to explore our School of Business and Management programs and contact us today to learn how you can enroll.

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