Marketing Managers: One of the Fastest Growing Careers

Marketing, thanks to innovations in technology, has radically changed in just the past decade. Digital marketing has opened a new frontier in the business. It’s both increased competition globally and led to a higher demand for those with marketing expertise.

Leaders in marketing increasingly specialize their education. That’s why an MBA with a concentration in marketing has become an in-demand degree for those who wish to attain marketing leadership positions.

Graduates from these programs, such as the online program offered by Touro University Worldwide, develop expertise in modern marketing skills that can lead to jobs as marketing managers, marketing analysts, and product development leaders.

The Demand For Qualified Marketing Managers

Marketing has always been a core component of business and a highly competitive field. That’s only increased as the digital marketing revolution has taken flight in recent years.

The number of jobs for marketing managers is expected to increase 10% nationwide by 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That’s far faster than the average of all occupations. An MBA positions graduates perfectly to take on these leadership roles.

Demand is even higher in many areas of the country. While jobs are available nationwide, many marketing manager jobs are clustered in California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts. That’s because metropolitan areas such as New York City, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco are among the top areas for marketing manager jobs.

Other large metro areas such as Minneapolis, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, Houston and Miami also employ large numbers of marketers, Most also provide salaries higher than the already-good nationwide average salary for marketing managers of $145,620.

Marketing analysts are also in demand. The BLS projects a 23% jump in the number of marketing research analysts by 2026. The mean annual salary nationwide is $71,450, with more jobs and often higher salaries available in New York, California, Florida and Texas.

Getting Into the Field

A bachelor’s degree can get you into the marketing field. But for both marketing managers and marketing research analysts, a master’s degree is often preferred by employers for those who want to attain leadership positions.

An MBA with a concentration on marketing prepares graduates to understand the future of marketing through technology, as well as the ways to use data, social media, website content marketing and digital strategies to compete in the modern business world.

Such programs also drive students to develop high-level skills in decision-making, communications, data analytics, creativity and the “soft skills” that make them better managers and leaders.

What You’ll Learn

As with all MBA concentrations, the one in marketing provides a useful blend of business experience as well as detailed knowledge in a specific business niche. This is exactly the type of skill combination employers want in their leaders.

Specific courses vary by degree program. At Touro University Worldwide, students learn the fundamentals of business including accounting, financial investment, budgeting and theories on business strategy. Coursework includes ethics, managing diverse workforces, compliance and legal issues.

Marketing concentration courses include marketing research – which covers topics ranging from research as a business management tool and statistical tools for research analysis – as well as integrated marketing strategies and the use of social media in marketing.

Given the digital, global nature of today’s business world, earning an MBA with a focus on marketing provides graduates with the right combination of skills to take on leadership roles. With demand rising- and with the flexibility of earning an MBA online – it’s become an even more attractive option for those with lofty ambitions for their business career.

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