You’re in Good Company with an Online MBA Degree

The face of education is changing. Much like the nature of work in general, the rise of the online age and advances in computer and networking technology has changed the game of earning a college degree. This is even more evident with online MBA programs. Students who earn an online MBA can leverage their time, money, and studies to suit their particular needs in many ways traditional on-campus learning can’t offer.

Good Company

Not so long ago many employers wouldn’t view an online degree with the same respect as a traditional degree, but that is quickly changing. Students often earn an online MBA as working professionals seeking direct application of their studies to their ongoing professional work. Combining their current skills with their coursework not only enhances opportunities for future careers but also brings more value to their current work.

In an article in Forbes titled “Who’s Getting Online MBAs May Surprise You,” writer John Byrne highlights how many top leaders in their field earn an online MBA degree and how it helps them achieve their goals:

Dr. Michael Silverman is an emergency room physician who holds three board certifications, serves as the vice-chair for the emergency department in which he works, and is the treasurer for his center’s medical staff. Above all this, Dr. Silverman touts his selection as “Educator of the Year” for the center’s residency program as one of his proudest achievements. While he has plans to one day join the C-suite in healthcare administration, his online MBA studies have had a direct and immediate impact on his daily work as an emergency room doctor and educator.

“I wasn’t going just to study MBA topics,” he says in Forbes. “The coursework required me to actively apply those principles and learnings into real scenarios to better improve the care and flow in a high-pressure emergency room setting as well as throughout the hospital in the future.”

Cassidi Reese, a 15-year Navy veteran with 2,000 skydives and 2,400 pilot flight hours under her belt also chose to earn an online MBA degree. As a Navy pilot, the degree helped her better understand how the Department of Defense does business and apply that knowledge to qualify for further training in the military. In her own words:

“With the business credits I completed in this program I was able to apply for membership in the Defense Acquisition Corps, a prerequisite for selection to command a Test and Evaluation Squadron,” Reese says. “In March, I was selected by the Navy’s annual board to command VX-31. While my online MBA education was not the sole reason I was selected, I would not have qualified without it.”

The list goes on. The takeaway is that many visionary leaders use their online MBA studies not only to advance their careers but also to enhance the positive influence of their skills and passion. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be one of them.

Earn an Online MBA Degree

What we’ve seen over the past few years has ushered in a new appreciation for the advantages of online education. No longer relegated to questionable institutions offering low-quality education, online degree programs, such as Touro University Worldwide’s Master of Business Administration program, provide superior, affordable, and flexible opportunities for the “best and the brightest.” 

If you’re thinking that an online MBA might be the right path for your goals, know that you’re in good company.

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