Signs It Might Be Time to Switch Careers

Signs It Might Be Time to Switch Careers

People often leave jobs because they are looking to advance their careers. They want a better position, pay, and/or work environment, and they look for better opportunities elsewhere.

The reasons people choose to change careers can be a bit more complex, however.

If you have found yourself experiencing one or more of these things, perhaps it’s time to consider switching careers:

  • Your industry is shrinking or is at risk for becoming obsolete due to competition, advancing technologies, or other factors.
  • Your job never changes. You’ve become bored in your career, and finding a new position within the industry won’t help.
  • Your new ideas and input are never considered by your colleagues or supervisors.
  • You’ve stopped caring about your work.
  • Your current career stresses you out and/or exhausts you.
  • Your self-esteem has suffered.
  • You’ve grown envious of people who have rewarding careers in other industries, and you long for meaningful work.
  • You think about quitting often.
  • You’ve only stayed because of the pay, and you would leave if you could afford to.
  • You’ve developed new interests, and dream of pursuing them for a living.

Next Steps to a New Career

While switching careers can be a challenge, the rewards — financial, psychological, emotional, and otherwise — can more than justify the effort and focus required to achieve them.

If you are serious about making a career switch, you need a plan.

Consider these steps:

  1. Create a set of goals. Decide which career you want to pursue, as well as a realistic timetable for making the switch.
  2. Seek advice. Find a mentor or consult other industry professionals who can provide inspiration and input on making your goal a reality.
  3. Expand your expertise. Look for opportunities to boost your skill set, including conducting independent study, participating in internships, obtaining occupational licensing, and/or going back to school.
  4. Make the jump. No two industries are the same. If you can’t immediately find a position in your new industry comparable to the one you had in your old one, consider pursuing part-time, entry-level, or freelance opportunities that will get your foot in the door.

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