Online Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

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100% online, 8-week courses

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Transfer in up to 90 credits



The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work degree from Touro University Worldwide prepares students for a rewarding career as a generalist helping individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations by providing guidance, counseling, referrals and practical human services.

Social Work is well established as a fundamental commitment to helping people and communities identify, prevent, and solve problems. Touro University Worldwide’s B.A. in Social Work program places emphasis on gaining the appropriate knowledge, values and skills needed to promote the well-being of client population through the learning experience of field work available in diverse settings such as schools, counseling centers for families, senior centers, social service charitable organizations etc.

Outreach Worker Program

The program prepares culturally competent entry level social workers and inspires students to be advocates for social change and a more just and equitable society. The curriculum is designed to promote a nurturing academic environment that integrates online courses and field training with real-world learning and experience. The Online Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work program will be able to become a vehicle to enter the various Master’s degree programs at Touro University Worldwide.

Touro University Social Work Graduates

Graduates with a bachelor’s in social work are typically employed under a range of job titles, such as senior social worker, adoption social worker, medical social worker, bilingual youth counselor, case manager, classroom counselor, permanency specialist, support counselor in intensive treatment foster care, life coach, youth counselor, social worker discharge planner, etc. The program combines online courses and field instruction to help students acquire the necessary knowledge, values and professional norms of the social work field. Upon completion of the Online Social Work degree program, graduates are able to employ an evidence-based approach in research findings to guide their decisions in the professional practice of social work.

The program provides grounding in social work knowledge, values and competency skills necessary in the field of social work. Through the case study method, Touro University students gain knowledge about human behavior and the social context of the environment, social welfare policy and services, multicultural social work, human diversity, social and economic justice, social work ethical standards and research in social work.

Note: This degree does not lead to any form of licensure or certification.


TUW has answered student demand with our social work degree offering. The fully online format makes the degree accessible to more students and presents a flexible alternative to traditional on-ground degree programs. The duration of the program depends on several factors, including the number of credits accepted for transfer and whether or not students take time off between courses. Students who enroll full-time (12 credits per semester for 3 semesters each academic year) can complete the degree in three and half (3-1/2) years. Students who enroll part-time (6 credits per semester for 3 semesters each academic year) will complete the program in seven (7) years.

Transfer credits: Up to a maximum of 45 semester credits of general education may be transferred and up to 45 semester credits of BSW may be transferred from other BSW programs from a regionally accredited university/college to fulfill the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work program requirements. A minimum of 30 semester credits from the program major courses must be completed at Touro University Worldwide.

Course Length 8 weeks
Total Credit Hours 120
Cost per Credit Hour $400

Student Centered

The social work program is student centered in a number of ways. Class sizes are limited and more personal, so you receive more of your professor’s time. All TUW professors are carefully selected for their credentials and passion as an educator.



Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work requires a total of 120 credit hours for completion.

  • General education (45 credits)
  • Major and core requirements (51 credits)
  • Electives (24 credits)

* Students must meet the prerequisite requirements before taking any of the major program requirements.

The duration of the program will vary by student. Factors affecting your completion time include the number of transfer credits and time off between courses. Based on the program requirement of 120 semester credits, students may transfer 45 semester credits of General Education and may also transfer identical course credits from other social work programs (on a case by case basis).

Admissions Requirements

Students seeking enrollment in the social work program must meet one of the following criteria to be considered for admission:

  • High school graduate
  • Successful completion of the General Education Development (GED) test
  • Transfer student from an accredited college or university in good academic standing

View the Policy for Admission to Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Program here.


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Touro University Worldwide is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). For more information on WSCUC, visit or write WSCUC at 985 Atlantic Ave., Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501.

Specialty Accreditation Status: The TUW Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) is currently in Pre-Candidacy for Accreditation by the Council on Social Work Education’s Commission on Accreditation (CSWE). Our goal is to become accredited by CSWE during the 2022 year. Please visit this page on occasion for updates.

I have found my experiences at Touro to be rewarding and motivating. The staff and faculty have worked with me in positive and constructive ways to help me achieve my educational goals. Thank you, Touro!- Carolyn Barravecchio