College Career Services at Touro University Worldwide

A commitment to earning a college degree is one of the first steps students take toward more challenging and rewarding careers. But a successful start requires support from the student’s university, including the availability of high-quality college career services.

College career services play an integral role in the successful college experience. Students benefit from resume assistance and education in job search strategies, making the transition from earning a degree to landing a good job as smooth as possible.

At Touro University Worldwide, faculty and administrators consider it part of the school’s mission to help students attain jobs where they make the most of their newly learned skills and knowledge. The university provides careers services to students at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree levels.

TUW’s “high engagement” student-centered model includes a Student Success Center that offers students educational advisement, student orientation, disability services, career services, and more.

The Importance of College Career Services

Universities that offer high-quality online degree programs must also focus on college career services. The number of students earning their degrees online has significantly increased in recent years. New federal data from 2021 shows more students than previously thought now take at least one online course, according to Inside Higher Ed. The latest estimates put the number at about 51.6 percent, while students enrolled in 100% online degree programs increased to 22.7 percent of all students.

Those numbers underscore the need for schools that provide online degree programs also to offer the same level of career services they do to “traditional” students. College career services are key to success. Research by Gallup found that students with a good career services experience in college were more likely to say school prepared them for life, according to U.S. News.

Gallup also found that those who take advantage of career services stood a better chance of attaining full-time employment in their chosen career field.

The Benefits of Career Centers

With the emphasis on helping students use their degrees to find jobs, universities offer more sophisticated career centers than ever before. They also provide a long list of benefits.

Advice from experts. Students get the chance to speak with experts in their field. This builds on the more general services, such as help with resume writing. The combination of real-world and academic experience from advisors, often faculty members, helps students prepare to find a job that best suits their skills and interests.

Free services. College career services are offered for free to enrolled students. Access to job search support, job listings, and speaking with advisors is invaluable.

Career resources. Career services include connecting students with the career resources they will need as they progress toward completing their degree program.

Career planning. Throughout their time at school, students benefit from expert advice on what field will provide the best fit and the industries and companies that likely will hire people with their educational background.

Career Services at Touro University Worldwide

TUW offers students support in all the critical areas associated with career services. It starts with student orientation services and continues with academic advisors who help students pick the right courses to keep them on track to earn their degrees.

TUW assigns every student an educational advisor who helps students develop and attain academic and career goals. Advisors support a positive learning environment and a productive educational experience. TUW continues to evolve the educational advisor position, including adding an academic coaching element.

TUW also provides students information and support on:

  • The importance of networking and networking events
  • Job search strategies
  • Preparation for job searches
  • Occupational information

Modern students should expect their university to offer them support in transitioning from college to a career. TUW offers college career services for online students that will lead to the best possible career outcomes.

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