How Can I Get a Job in Artificial Intelligence?

One of the primary concerns for many American workers is that robots might one day take their jobs. But robots also are creating new jobs in artificial intelligence. Getting one of those jobs just requires setting the right goals and earning the right degree.

For those wanting a job in artificial intelligence, there are many different approaches to entering the field. One of the best is to earn an MBA with a concentration in artificial intelligence management. It offers the right balance of business skills with advanced knowledge of leveraging artificial intelligence in the modern work environment.

The landscape in artificial intelligence and technology is ever-changing. But the following are some positions that professionals with an interest in working with AI can expect to attain.

Jobs in Artificial Intelligence

While AI will lead to the elimination of as many as 1.8 million jobs by 2020, it also will create more than 2.3 million, according to research firm Gartner. The issue is learning how to get these new jobs in artificial intelligence.

Education is the key element. Some AI positions will require deep technical skills, such as writing code or developing software. People will also be needed to oversee AI systems used to analyze vast amounts of data. Software engineers, data scientists, and data analyst will all find jobs in AI.

But managers with business knowledge will also be in demand. There will be a need for those who not only understand how technology works but the best ways to integrate AI into developing business strategy and achieving business goals. Job titles in this area include AI architect, AI product manager, and AI ethicist. While knowledge in AI is needed for these positions, they primarily work to find ways of developing AI to reach business goals.

“The AI deployment of integrated and scalable solutions across the business requires more than just data scientists,” according to KPMG. “It takes a robust team with a range of specialized AI and business skills who can help with every stage of the process. And right now, few companies seem to have the right mix needed for AI to bring strategic value to an organization.”

Education Key to Getting Jobs in Artificial Intelligence

Students in an MBA in AI Management program learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence are impacting both operations and the approach to business strategy. The program delves into what steps graduates need to take to implement AI strategy for their company. This includes specific information about the challenges of converting an existing business into one that successfully incorporates AI into the development of strategy and operations. Students also learn how to navigate the ethical, economic and business issues around AI.

Thanks to the convenience and flexibility of online learning, an MBA with a concentration in AI Management can be completed in one year. For professionals ready to take on business leadership roles in the world of AI, it’s a degree program that provides the education needed to attain those goals.

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