Benefits of Earning an Associate of Arts in General Studies

Earning an associate degree is a significant milestone in a person’s academic journey. In addition to the opportunity for better pay and more challenging work, an associate degree provides graduates an important step toward completing a four-year bachelor’s degree.

However, many people choose not to attend college after high school graduation. In the past, that presented a major challenge for working adults who later wanted to enroll. They faced the choice of either going to school or working full-time. But online associate degree programs eliminate that issue.

These programs allow people to schedule schoolwork around their professional and personal lives—no more driving or taking a bus to campus to attend class. Students can choose a school free of location constraints. It’s no surprise that today, an estimated 8 million college students are over 25.

An Associate of Arts in General Studies degree is one of the more popular online degree programs for working adults. The degree can boost a student’s career, giving them skills and knowledge they can immediately apply to their job.

Benefits of Earning an Online Associate Degree

For many non-traditional students, earning an online associate degree is life-changing. It signifies the beginning of an educational journey paving the way to a better future.

Higher Pay

Data gathered over many decades clearly shows that those with a college degree typically earn a better salary. The latest numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show workers with an associate degree make $157 more per week than those without a college degree, which translates into $8,164 per year.

Better Job Opportunities

High unemployment rates impact people with no degree much more than college graduates. For example, the BLS reports that comparing 2020 unemployment rates between an associate degree and a high school diploma are 7.1 and 9 percent respectively.

A Stepping Stone to Higher Education

In addition to immediate, practical benefits, earning a college degree also sets your feet on the path of self-improvement through higher education. It’s a challenging path – only about a third of all Americans earn a bachelor’s degree. By starting with a two-year degree, students commit to improving their careers and developing good study habits that serve them well when they earn an online bachelor’s degree.

Expanding Horizons

Education enhances the qualitative aspects of life. While less quantifiable, it is equally important. In all the degree program options a student enjoys, core classes offer introductions to the world of literature, history, science, psychology, philosophy, and math. Students are exposed to new ideas and theories.

Exploring Interests

Associate of arts in general studies programs let students explore various career options, matching their skills and interests. It also helps transition to a new career.

The Touro University Worldwide AA in General Studies

Touro University Worldwide’s Associate of Arts in General Studies program is offered 100% online. In addition to the program’s flexibility, TUW also offers a generous transfer policy. Graduates from the program have the skills needed to pursue careers in various fields or enroll in a bachelor’s degree program.

TUW practices a student-centered approach to online education. Each student receives individualized support from advisors who guide them throughout their time at TUW. This advisement includes helping students choose the classes to stay on track for a timely graduation and directing them to academic and career resources.

Students learn from a TUW faculty with real-world experience in the areas of expertise. The university also keeps class sizes small so that online students get more individual attention.

Working adults who earn an Associate of Arts in General Studies take an important step forward in their professional and academic careers. Those aspiring to better opportunities, higher pay, and next-level skills can find what they need in an online associate degree program.

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