What Therapist Jobs are Available in the Mental Health Field?

Earning a degree in therapy qualifies graduates for many different therapist jobs in a variety of fields. They can, for example, work in corporate environments, schools, private practice, community centers, and churches.

It’s the kind of career where it’s truly possible to follow your individual interests. Each therapy job requires various levels of degrees and licensure. However, many can now be earned in online bachelor’s degree and online master’s degree programs in psychology.

What type of jobs can a degree in the field prepare you for? The following are seven of the most common therapist jobs, as well as the projected job growth by 2026 and median annual salary figures as of May 2018. These numbers were provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Psychologist or Clinical Therapist

This is the position that most people associate with having a therapist job. A clinical therapist typically works with individuals, identifying psychology issues and diagnosing disorders. Entering this field requires a master’s degree and potentially a doctorate. You’ll also need to be certified. The BLS projects a 14% increase in this field. Nationwide, the median annual pay is $79,010.

School Psychologist

School psychology requires a master’s degree and licensure. School psychologists work with school districts or in individual schools, providing counseling to those experiencing learning and behavioral problems. The BLS lists the pay and job growth of school psychologists as being the same as a psychologist.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Those who specialize in this area learn to apply the principles of psychology to the workplace. They may work with individuals or help develop guidelines for how an organization creates a working environment for its employees. They study such issues as productivity and employee morale. The BLS lists the pay and job growth of industrial psychologists as the same as a psychologist. It’s another position requiring a master’s degree.

Substance Abuse Counselor

This is one of the fastest-growing areas in the therapy field. Those who work as substance abuse counselors help to identify the issues in patients that led them to abuse drugs and alcohol. They can help people deal with any short-term crisis and also connect them to nonprofit organizations and government programs that can provide them with the support they need.

The number of substance abuse counselors is expected to jump 23% by 2026. Those in the field make a median annual salary of $44,630. A bachelor’s degree (at least) is needed to enter the profession, as well as the proper licensing. A master’s degree is needed to become a mental health counselor.

Marriage Therapist

A marriage therapist helps married couples work through any issues they might be having that are undermining the relationship. This can include issues such as infidelity, issues with family members or financial situations that are causing stress.

The BLS groups marriage therapists with family therapists. They project that both therapist jobs will increase by a staggering 23%. Those in marriage and family therapy made a median annual salary of $50,090.

Family Therapist

Family therapists work with families, often during times of crisis or after a traumatic experience within the family. Much like a marriage counselor, they urge patients to open up and talk about their experiences. The idea is to help people to heal by getting them to open up about their feelings, as well as connect them with any help they might need from service organizations.

Both marriage and family therapists need a master’s degree and licensing to work in the profession.

Pastoral Therapist

Pastoral therapists work as therapists, applying the best practices and theories of psychology. They also bring spiritual beliefs into their work with patients. In many cases, a pastoral therapist is a member of the clergy. But whatever their faith, many will take into account the faith of the person they are counseling. The BLS projects an 8% job growth in the clergy and a median annual income of $48,990.

Psychology graduates can consider these and other therapist jobs when they are ready to launch a career. With the convenience of online psychology programs offered from Touro University Worldwide, there’s never been a better time to enter this growing profession.

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