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How to Transfer Military Education to College Credits at TUW

The men and women serving their country in the United States Armed Forces deserve strong support as they transition to civilian life. For academic institutions, a commitment to military servicemembers and veterans requires making it easier to get college credit for military training.

Touro University Worldwide’s military-friendly online degree programs demonstrate that commitment, making it convenient for veterans and current servicemembers to receive military college credit. TUW offers various services to military students, including specialized support as military college students start their college academic journey.

What Is Military College Credit?

Receiving credit for military training permits veterans and servicemembers to apply their military training, knowledge, and skills to their college education. Providing military college credit allows students to accelerate their academic progress, paving the way for them to achieve educational goals.

Military students can earn credit in a variety of ways. They include an ACE (American Council on Education) evaluation of military training and experience that provides recommendations for college credit. Another path is through a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Translation. MOS is a system used by the military to classify and categorize job roles. College credit for MOS is possible, depending on the nature of the training.

As an active-duty servicemember, veteran, or member of the reserves, military students must request a transcript from their branch of service and share it with schools. Each school decides how many credits they’ll accept. Military experience alone could be worth up to 20 college credits.

How Touro University Worldwide Supports Military Students

Enrolling in a military-friendly school like Touro University Worldwide allows military students to earn the maximum benefits, including transfer credits, financial aid, and academic support. While the process can seem complicated, TUW works with military students to make it as convenient as possible. Some of the most important steps include the following:

ACE Evaluation

At TUW, credits may be awarded for military training and experience based on the evaluation and recommendation by ACE. Veterans must submit DD Form 214 and/or DD Form 295 to evaluate training and experience. Students must also submit transcripts of all coursework taken. TUW grants military transfer credit based on an evaluation of all coursework taken.

Joint Services Transcript

Military students must submit a Joint Services Transcript (JST) that provides documented evidence of military education, training, and occupation experiences. The JST translates military experience into civilian language, providing schools insight into a military student’s level of training, experience, and skills.

Financial Support

TUW participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program through the Department of Veterans Administration (VA). The program permits military students at TUW to receive the maximum benefits from their financial aid.

Military students also receive information and support from TUW on the Post 9-11 GI Bill® and the many other sources of financial aid available for military college students.

TUW offers military discount rates for Active Duty servicemembers, National Guard members (including Active Duty, Reservists, Retirees, and Veterans), Reservists, Veterans (discharged under honorable conditions), and Department of Defense employees (contractors exempt). The immediate family of those in these categories also qualifies for discounts.

TUW also offers a Military Achievement Scholarship.

Military-Friendly Online Degree Programs From Touro University Worldwide

While military college credit and other types of support are essential, the goal is to provide military students with several online degree programs. These programs offer high-quality education and the flexibility many “non-traditional” military students need to earn a degree successfully.

TUW is a pioneer in online learning, providing military students with online programs they can enroll in from wherever they live. These include programs at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree levels. Study areas include business, healthcare, psychology, analytics, management and administration, and much more.

Military college credit is a benefit that veterans and Active Duty servicemembers have earned. TUW is committed to helping them translate their training and experience into college credits while helping them save time and money as they pursue their academic goals.

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