How the Tradition of Tzedakah Can Influence Your Education

The Jewish tradition of tzedakah, or s’daqah, involves performing spontaneous acts of goodwill and demonstrating generosity. This concept is a core part of modern Judaism, with tzedakah seen as a religious obligation that should be performed by all Jews. Because Touro was founded on the Jewish faith, we are committed to upholding the tradition of tzedakah as well. Part of how we meet this obligation is by offering scholarship awards to students interested in earning their degree with TUW. Read on to learn more about the concept of tzedakah and how it’s reflected in our scholarship program.

History of Tzedakah

The word “tzedakah” comes from the Hebrew word “tzedek,” meaning righteousness, fairness, or justice. It is also related to the word “tzadik,” which is an adjective for righteous. Although it is a core concept in Judaism, its history is convoluted.

Several passages in the Torah speak to an obligation for Jews to aid those in need. Deuteronomy 26:12 instructs Jews to give 10 percent of their earnings to the poor every third year, and Leviticus 19:9-10 adds an additional percentage of annual income. However the word “tzedakah” is never explicitly mentioned.

Modern Tzedakah

Today, most Jews carry out their tzedakah acts by donating their income to charities or needy people that they encounter. Many practice a tithe, which gives 10 percent of their income to those in need. During special events, bigger acts of tzedakah are performed; at Passover, for example, it is tradition to welcome hungry strangers to dinner.

Tzedakah at Touro University Worldwide

The spirit of the tzedakah is alive and well at Touro University Worldwide. We help students from all backgrounds earn degrees to positively affect their career path and growth. These scholarships are available to a wide variety of students and can help make an education very affordable. We want to help as many students pursue our degrees as is possible. Here are a couple of options available to students interested in attending TUW that keep in the spirit of tzedakah.

Military Tuition Discount

As both an act of tzedakah and a thank you for the service of our military members, TUW offers a significant military discount for students and their families. Active duty military personnel, retired Department of Defense civilians and their families are eligible for tuition discounts at all levels of study.

Rates are dependent on the degree level:

Bachelor’s Degree

$250/per credit hour

Master’s Degree

$300/per credit hour

Doctorate Degree

$525/per credit hour

The Next Step

At Touro University Worldwide, our goal is to help you improve your career, and we want to make that education as accessible and affordable as possible. By offering online programs in a variety of fields, so you can study at your convenience, and by making a number of scholarships available, we strive to fulfill our tzedakah duty.

For more information on how TUW can help you achieve your education dreams, explore our online degree programs.

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