Get the Facts About TUW’s Educational Psychology Programs

The growing need for educational reform has led to the emergence of educational psychology, which researches how teaching and learning are best performed. Those with degrees in educational psychology can work as a textbook writer, education researcher, school counselor and much more.

The relative newness of the field means that not many programs tailored to this discipline exist. At Touro University Worldwide, however, we offer concentrations in this subspecialty of psychology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Learn more about TUW’s educational psychology programs below.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

TUW’s online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree is designed for those looking to understand human behavior and mental health. The program was designed to align with the American Psychology Association’s learning outcomes as well as several modern concepts and principles, including research methods, ethics and clinical behavior.

For those interested in pursuing educational psychology, there are three concentrations to choose from:

Elementary Education

Students with an elementary education concentration will understand the fundamental principles of educational psychology and how best to engage with students of a younger age. Special emphasis is placed on the psychology of reading and how reading is taught. And to better understand the growing population of foreign language speakers who require special instruction, this concentration also includes a course on English immersion strategies.

Secondary Education

The secondary education concentration focuses on many of the same topics as the elementary education concentration, but with strategies designed for older students. There is also more time spent on understanding English immersion strategies.

Special Education

Our special education concentration focuses on techniques to help students who learn differently succeed in a traditional learning environment. Students will explore learning differences and how teachers can work with these students to maximize their potential. This program also includes an overview of educational psychology and English immersion structures.

Master of Arts in Psychology

TUW also offers an online Master of Arts in Psychology for students seeking higher-level opportunities and to expand their knowledge past the undergraduate level. The concentration in educational psychology focuses on learning and cognition; students explore not just how we learn but also how we perceive the world around us and how that affects our behavior. This perspective can be extremely helpful in working with diverse populations in classrooms and schools.

The master’s degree equips students to become counselors in schools. Students will learn about group counseling and how it can help improve student performance and classroom environments. An overview of career counseling is also included and gives insight into helping schools create dynamic and effective career and college counseling programs.

The Touro Difference

TUW is committed to offering a relevant education designed to help you succeed. Our programs are:

  • Fully online, so you can study when and where you want
  • Taught by experienced faculty
  • Affordable, so your education doesn’t break the bank
  • Accepting of transfer credits, so you can finish faster

Make a difference in students’ lives with an educational psychology degree. Learn more by visiting our online psychology programs page.

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