What Can I Do With a Master’s in Educational Psychology?

Educational psychologists study learning methods to understand how students of all ages absorb and retain information in a complex academic environment. Educational psychologists can work in implementing improved teaching methods, training teachers in these methods and also in student testing and data assessment. Educational psychologists require a master’s degree in psychology with a concentration on

Career Paths in Health Psychology

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Career Paths in Health Psychology

TUW’s online master’s in psychology with a health psychology concentration prepares graduates to take on the top jobs in this challenging, rewarding field.

Jobs for Psychologists Working With Students

Psychology majors can specialize in areas that most interest them. Here are some jobs for psychologists looking to impact the lives of students.

How to Choose a Psychology Concentration

Psychology is an amazingly diverse field, with the potential for many different career options. Read more about choosing a psychology concentration as this article represents some of the multiple careers in psychology. Take the time to investigate each and decide which best suits both your skillset and interests.

Master of Arts in Psychology for Media Psychology: What It Is and Careers In The Field

  Many areas of psychology present fascinating challenges, perhaps none more so than media psychology. This branch of psychology focuses on how society interacts with media. That includes television, film, social media and other aspects of the Internet. Given that the average United States resident spends more than eight hours a day interacting with some

Psychology in Business: How Companies are Employing Psychologists to Increase Customer Engagement

Earning a degree in psychology can certainly open a lot of doors. Recently, though, psychologists have been seeing more and more opportunity to work within large companies who are looking for ways to employ psychological methods to increase customer engagement.In the digital world, customer engagement on social media and beyond is incredibly important for a

Gain the Knowledge you Need to Make a Difference with Children and Adolescents

Few fields are more fascinating than that of child and adolescent psychology. Helping young minds grow and develop into capable, adjusted adults is a reward in itself, and when combined with the growing demand for child counselors and educators, a career in child and adolescent psychology is certainly alluring. With a BA in Psychology with

Five Opportunities that Having a Master’s in Psychology Opens Up

Some fields necessitate furthering your education more than others, and psychology is certainly one of those fields. For those who have already earned their Bachelor’s degree in psychology, there are a number of great reasons to go ahead and pursue a Master’s in psychology. Listed below are five opportunities that having a Master’s in psychology

Not Just for Counseling: Five Careers in Psychology Other than Counseling

For those earning their degree in psychology, working as a counselor is always a popular and rewarding career choice. What’s more, the job of a counseling psychologist can vary greatly depending on whether you are working in a school, hospital, private practice, or some other organization. With that said, counseling is certainly not the only

Insert More Coins: The Psychology Behind Microtransactions

You have spent 15 or 20 minutes playing a game on your phone but are stuck on a level. Unfortunately, you’re out of plays for the day, but a window pops up telling you it only costs 99 cents for another 10 plays. It’s only a dollar, so you tap and play for another 20