What Careers Are Available for Different Types of Therapists?

There are many types of therapists. Earning a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in psychology prepares graduates for various careers in the field. The mental health profession offers diverse specializations, including working with married couples, families, and those with addictions.

In addition to having a range of career choices, therapists are also in high demand. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), about one in five adults in the United States, almost 44 million people, experience a mental health problem in any given year. 

At the same time, recognition of the importance of mental health has grown. A recent poll of Americans found 71 percent agreed people should consider mental health as important as physical health. Also, almost 97 percent said mental health conditions represent legitimate medical illnesses, and 94 percent said professionals could effectively treat such illnesses.

This increasing trust in psychology and interest in mental health counseling makes earning an online bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in psychology a track to an in-demand career in various mental health jobs.

Therapist Careers Offer Many Paths

Therapists share many common professional goals however every psychology degree graduate has a particular area of interest and skill set that guides them toward a specialization. The following looks at three of the most popular choices among the many types of therapists.

Mental Health Counselor

Several jobs fall under this umbrella term. Depending on the type of counseling, a mental health therapist may work in a hospital, social service agency, correctional facility, community center, homeless shelter, or wellness center. They can work with individuals and groups. The focus of many mental health counselors is on the prevention of mental illness.

Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor

Licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT) incorporate the influence of a family’s patterns of behavior into a treatment plan. Even if they work with an individual, they explore not just the person but the complex set of relationships they have with family members.

Some LMFT work with couples, helping them resolve differences that threaten the relationship or recover from the impact of issues such as infidelity or substance abuse. They may also work with entire families, including children.

Addiction Counselor

Addiction counselors see clients exhibiting addictive behavior, including alcohol and drug abuse, sex, and gambling. They may specialize in working with teens, veterans, or people with disabilities. Addiction counselors help patients learn to manage life’s challenges and stresses, helping them reestablish both personal and professional relationships.

Other concentrations allow for psychology careers in private industry, forensics, schools, treating children and adolescents, media psychology, and human services.

Touro University Worldwide Psychology Degrees

Touro University Worldwide offers 100% online bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in all these specializations mentioned above and more, including therapist careers in special education and healthcare. Each program features an experienced faculty and a cutting-edge curriculum.

The Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy is one of the most popular degrees. This therapy specialization has grown in importance as experts continue to connect marital and family dysfunction and mental health disorders. Graduates work for mental health agencies, government agencies, or private practice.

The Master’s in Counseling: Addiction Counseling Concentration is another popular program. With the rate of substance abuse and other addictive behavior rising, there’s an increased need for therapists specializing in helping people with addictions become self-sufficient and heal their relationships with others.

Earning a degree in mental health gives graduates access to many career options.  Touro University opens the door for students motivated to devote their professional lives to helping others.

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