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What Can You Do with a Master of Arts in Psychology with a Concentration in Educational Psychology ?

Many who work in education strive to better understand not only what students learn but also how they learn, including how life outside of school impacts student performance in the classroom.

Earning a Master of Arts in Psychology with Concentration in Educational Psychology provides these dedicated educators with career opportunities working on the how of learning. Educational psychologists explore the most effective teaching and learning methods for students with diverse backgrounds.

As with most education careers, educational psychologists are motivated to help students reach their full potential. The work allows graduates with a Master of Arts with a Concentration in Educational Psychology to dedicate their careers to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

What Does an Educational Psychologist Do?

Educational psychology is a branch of psychology that studies how people learn and develop in both formal and informal learning environments. With their human behavior and development expertise, educational psychologists design and evaluate educational programs, curricula, and teaching methods.

It’s a unique field of study within psychology, encompassing learning theories, motivation, cognition, memory, intelligence, assessment, and evaluation. Educational psychology also considers the social and cultural factors that influence learning, including how disabilities, cultural background, and socioeconomic status impact academic performance.

Educational psychologists work collaboratively with teachers, administrators, and other professionals to improve student learning outcomes. No matter what graduates do with a degree in educational psychology, the goal is always to enhance the quality of education and support the best possible learning and development for all students.

What Are Jobs In Educational Psychology?

According to Indeed, earning a Master of Arts with a Concentration in Educational Psychology can lead to many careers. Some of the most popular include being an educational researcher or a program director.

Educational researchers gather valuable data on the cognitive processes of both children and adults, examining how they absorb information, comprehend new concepts, and express their thoughts effectively.

In the program director position, graduates from a Master of Arts with a Concentration in Educational Psychology program assess the value and performance of teaching materials, strategies for students with behavioral or learning challenges, and the curriculum for specific courses. They may also focus on researching the best resources for gifted and talented students or students with learning difficulties.

Some educational psychologists also work directly on developing curricula, including educational materials, textbooks, lesson plans, and online courses. They may work for academic publishers, government agencies, or nonprofit organizations.

The Touro University Worldwide Master of Arts in Psychology with a Concentration in Educational Psychology

The online Master of Arts in Psychology program with a specialization in Educational Psychology offered by Touro University Worldwide prepares students for careers in education, research, or related fields.

TUW does not require residency or taking the GRE. Students can typically finish in one year. TUW offers six start dates throughout the year for every eight-week session.

The program covers learning theory, motivation, cognition, assessment and evaluation, and the social and cultural factors influencing learning.

The 100% online program allows students to complete coursework on their schedules. Graduates from the program can apply their knowledge and skills to improve educational outcomes for students of all ages and various backgrounds.

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