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TUW Offers Online College Degree Programs Designed for Working Adults

Touro University Worldwide, a trailblazer in education, is committed to expanding educational opportunities for a wide range of individuals, particularly working adults. With a steadfast mission to cater to the needs of adult learners, professionals, and underserved communities, the university focuses on providing accessible online degree programs.

TUW goes beyond delivering quality education by offering robust support services tailored to online students, making it an excellent college for working adults. These services include dedicated academic advisors who guide and assist students throughout their academic journey and comprehensive financial aid support to help make education more affordable.

“Through Touro University Worldwide, I have been able to realize my goal of creating a learning environment where students can receive a higher education degree on their own schedule, which allows them to pursue careers simultaneously,” Roy Finaly, DMgt, MBA, the Interim Chief Executive Officer at Touro University Worldwide, wrote in a message to students.

Dr. Finaly noted that students graduate from TUW online programs with critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills to become ethical leaders and global citizens. “I fully believe in this approach, and the high retention and graduation rates that TUW maintains, serve as a testament to the powerful learning environment we have built,” he wrote.

Advantages of an Online College for Working Adults

TUW provides working adults with high-quality, accredited online academic programs taught by experienced scholar-practitioners who prepare graduates with the skills and knowledge employers highly value. In addition, TUW also offers working adults various benefits when they enroll in an online degree program.

A Variety of Degree Options

Because of TUW’s long history of providing online degrees, the school has developed high-quality programs in many disciplines. The many online degree programs at Touro University Worldwide include those in business and management, psychology, health and human services, and general studies. TUW offers degrees at the associate, bachelor, master’s, and doctorate levels.

Credit Transfer Policy

TUW’s transfer-friendly policies extend to those earning a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. This generous credit transfer policy includes giving students college credit for military training and service. TUW also has exclusive credit transfer partnerships with select community colleges. These policies enable working adults, veterans, and those with prior college experience to receive recognition and credit for their existing knowledge and skills.

Student Success Center

As a college for working adults, TUW created the Student Success Center to support the university’s commitment to personalized academic advising. The center fosters student success both academically and professionally. The center provides student orientation, educational advisement, disability services, and career resources.

 How Online Education Benefits Working Adults

Leaders at Touro University Worldwide have long understood that an online college for working adults benefits students in various ways.

One of the most significant benefits is that online degree programs offer working adults access to course materials and assignments at their convenience. This eliminates the need to attend classes on a fixed schedule, making managing work commitments and family obligations easier. This convenience benefits those with demanding work schedules, irregular shifts, or frequent business travel.

Online degree programs can be especially beneficial to working adults wanting to further their education to facilitate a career change or transition to a new field. Online education allows professionals seeking a career transition to explore new career paths while maintaining their current job.

Enrolling in online programs also eliminates barriers to accessibility, enabling working adults to access an educational opportunity regardless of their location or any other limitations (including disabilities, chronic conditions, or lack of reliable transportation). Anyone with an internet connection can enroll, making online programs cost-effective.

Many working adults pursue online degrees to enhance their skills and qualifications, leading to career advancement opportunities. Online education allows them to earn a degree while continuing to work, preventing disruptions in their professional trajectory. With an advanced degree, working adults can qualify for promotions, salary increases, and access to higher-level positions.

For working adults, online degree programs cater to working professionals’ specific needs and constraints, enabling them to pursue higher education without sacrificing their existing commitments. It’s and area where, Touro University Worldwide has provided leadership for decades, helping working adults maximize the impact of a college education.

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