Meet TUW’s 2017 Valedictorian, Dr. Michael Eleff

Few people encapsulate the spirit and mission of Touro University Worldwide more than the valedictorian of our 2017 class, Dr. Michael Eleff. Dr. Eleff’s story is one of hard work and determination in spite of monumental challenges, and we couldn’t think of a person whose accomplishments, attributes, and outlook on life would make them better suited to represent the 2017 class as valedictorian.

About Dr. Eleff

Dr. Eleff earned his BA from the University of Pennsylvania and his MD from Case Western Reserve University. Currently, he works as a Board-Certified Medical Oncologist in Edison, NJ and has been practicing medicine for the past 38 years. In addition to serving as an oncologist, Dr. Eleff has held senior management positions in multiple Fortune 500 companies and start-up ventures alike. He also currently serves as a Regional Vice President and Medical Director for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Though Dr. Eleff’s career has certainly been rewarding, he will be the first to tell you that his personal life has been even more rewarding. Dr. Eleff is married to his wife of nearly 40 years, Toby, and the two of them have 5 married children as well as an abundance of grandchildren. All five of the Eleff children preceded their father in graduating from TUW, with two of them receiving their MBA from TUW just like their father has now done.

Why Dr. Eleff Pursued an MBA

Dr. Eleff explains in our interview with him that his inspiration for pursuing an MBA from TUW in spite of the fact that he had already earned his MD, was his involvement in the business world. Though Dr. Eleff had been wanting to pursue his MBA for some time now, his demanding career and busy home life made achieving an MBA from a traditional university a challenge. With TUW, though, Dr. Eleff was able to earn his MBA at his own schedule and at his own pace – an accomplishment he was able to achieve in 2017 without ever having to interrupt his already successful career.

At TUW, we are so proud to have Dr. Eleff as the 2017 class valedictorian. His determination, accomplishments, and commitment to furthering his education in spite of the challenges could not possibly represent the spirit of Touro University Worldwide any better.

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