What Will You Learn in a BS in Health Sciences at TUW?

Healthcare is the fastest growing industry in the United States. In 2018, it surpassed the retail sector and became the largest employer in the country. The federal government projects an additional four million jobs in healthcare between 2016 and 2026.

There’s no other career field you can say all that about. Healthcare is increasingly drawing ambitious people who want to enter an exciting industry that provides stability and the chance to be of service to others. Earning an online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Sciences can open the door to a profitable career in health care.

Why Choose BSHS Online Degrees?

The online BS in Health Sciences from Touro University Worldwide offers an example of how an online program can provide an excellent education while also providing students far more convenience and flexibility.

The BS in Health Sciences program allows working professionals to schedule schoolwork around their busy lives. They can attend classes from wherever they are, as long as they have an internet connection. It’s a flexible, affordable option that more students take advantage of each year.

BSHS Health Care Concentrations

The BS in Health Sciences prepares graduates for different careers, depending on which concentration they choose. At TUW, they can choose from the following three options:

Health Care Administration

This concentration prepares graduates to lead medical organizations or large departments. Leadership is key in a health care industry where cutting costs while improving patient care is the primary focus. It’s a challenge that requires administrators with a high level of expertise.

The potential jobs are wide-ranging, including positions in laboratories, hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, physician group practices, rehabilitation centers, and community centers. Good managers are needed in every area of health care.

Health Education

Health educators focus on providing the information people need to prevent health issues rather than always seeking treatment after problems have developed. These positions are becoming increasingly important as medical researchers realize the impact of preventive healthcare not only on saving lives but also on saving costs. Graduates from the health educator concentration understand the physical, biological, social, and behavioral areas of health care. They have expertise in organizing community healthcare plans, assessing individuals, and creating and implementing educational plans.

Long-Term Health Care Administration

Long-term care is becoming more of an issue as the United States population continues to age. The population is also becoming more diverse. Leaders in this area are especially needed in multi-ethnic communities. Graduates from the long-term health care administration concentration are equipped to work as administrators who serve as advocates for health, make ethical decisions, and understand the economic and political forces that can impact this area of health care.

Healthcare Careers

All three concentrations prepare graduates for a variety of jobs. They can include the following occupations:

Health care administration concentration. Manager, coordinator and administrator positions at hospitals, clinics, public health agencies, mental health organizations, and social service agencies.

Health education concentration. Community Clinic Director, Health Education Program Director, Community Services Manager.

Long-term health care administration. Nursing Home Administrator, Adult-Care Facility Manager, Retirement Community Administrator.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the number of all health and medical service managers will increase 20% by 2026. The mean annual salary for all workers in the field was $113,730 in May 2018.

Entering the health care field is a smart move for those interested in a stable, rewarding career in a position where they can spend life helping others. Earning a BS in Health Sciences is a first step toward achieving that goal.

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