Not Just for Counseling: Five Careers in Psychology Other than Counseling

For those earning their degree in psychology, working as a counselor is always a popular and rewarding career choice. What’s more, the job of a counseling psychologist can vary greatly depending on whether you are working in a school, hospital, private practice, or some other organization. With that said, counseling is certainly not the only opportunity that having a Bachelor’s degree in psychology makes available. Outlined below are five great careers in psychology other than counseling.

Sports Psychology

Athlete performance is just as much mental as it is physical. Therefore, psychologists play an important role in helping athletes motivate themselves to achieve their goals, assisting them as they work through difficult injury rehabilitation, and aiding in a variety of other tasks aimed at helping athletes reach their full potential.

Animal Behavior

If you’d rather not work with people, there are countless other creatures in the animal kingdom to choose from. A combination of psychology and zoology, the potential roles you may find yourself filling as an animal behavior psychologist are almost limitless. It certainly makes for a highly interesting career that will likely lead to some unforgettable experiences and, possibly, groundbreaking discoveries.


If you have a passion for psychology, why not teach it to others? While teaching psychology at the college level will require you to pursue your Doctorate in psychology, you can certainly teach psychology at the high school or junior high level having earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and having completed a teacher education program.

Consumer Psychology

Sales and marketing teams rely heavily on understanding psychology in order to best present their products to potential customers. With this being the case, consumer psychologists play an important role in many modern businesses. Consumer psychologists are often tasked with helping businesses discover their target market then helping them finetune their message to that market for maximum effect.

Engineering Psychology

The job of an engineering psychologist is to explore how human beings interact with technology in order to help engineers, developers, and others producing technological devices and programs design better products. Engineering psychologists will often create focus groups, surveys, and test panels to observe people’s response to new technology and gather data that they can then report back to the technology’s designer.

Exploring New Opportunities with a Bachelor’s in Psychology from TUW

Psychology is a rich and diverse field with an ever-expanding list of opportunities available for those who choose to enter it. Even the five careers listed above are just a small sample of all that’s available to a person who graduates with a degree in psychology, and the first step to pursuing all of these careers is to earn your Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

If you would like to learn more about earning your Bachelor’s degree in psychology online through Touro University Worldwide and taking the first step toward working in one of these fascinating careers, we invite you to contact us today to request more information.

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