Five Opportunities that Having a Master’s in Psychology Opens Up

Some fields necessitate furthering your education more than others, and psychology is certainly one of those fields. For those who have already earned their Bachelor’s degree in psychology, there are a number of great reasons to go ahead and pursue a Master’s in psychology. Listed below are five opportunities that having a Master’s in psychology makes available to you.

Practice as a Certified Psychologist

In order to register with the American Psychological Association and start practicing as a certified psychologist, you must first earn your Master’s degree in the field. Being able to practice as a certified psychologist opens up a wide range of career options within the mental health and counseling spheres.

Pursue a PhD

If you are intent on making it to the highest rung of the academic ladder by pursuing your PsyD or PhD in psychology, you must first earn your Master’s degree. Of course, having a PsyD in psychology comes with a number of benefits of its own, making it an option that is certainly worth considering. To have the opportunity to pursue a PsyD, though, getting your Master’s is the next step.

Work as a Freelance Psychologist

For those who prefer to set their own hours and work as their own boss, it will come as good news that a number of government organizations, businesses, and even academic institutions will often hire freelance psychology consultants. For most all of these positions, though, a Master’s degree is required.

Choose from a Wider Range of Careers

The number of career options someone with a Master’s in psychology has available to them far supersedes the number of career options available to someone with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. While there are plenty of great jobs available to both, those with a Master’s degree will have a wider range of options to choose from and an easier time finding an open position.

Earn More Money

No matter what career you choose to pursue with your Master’s degree in psychology, chances are you’ll earn more money doing it than you would if you stopped at a Bachelor’s degree. The median salary for someone with a Master’s degree in psychology hovers around $66,000 a year, with a number of fields paying north of six figures.

Pursue More Opportunities with a Master’s in Psychology from TUW

If any of the above career opportunities sound appealing to you, then earning your Master’s degree in psychology may be an excellent choice to consider. To learn more about how you can earn your Master’s in psychology online from Touro University Worldwide, feel free to contact us today to request more information.

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