Why Should I Earn an Online Associate Degree?

Many high school graduates consider moving on to earn an associate degree, as do those already in the workforce who want to give their career a boost. Reasons for taking this key step include higher pay, more career opportunities, and less unemployment, the flexibility of online programs, and the chance of earning a degree in less time.

Those are all compelling reasons. Earning an online associate degree starts students on a path to getting better jobs. It also demonstrates a work ethic and commitment to bettering your position in life. Employers recognize this and often give preference to candidates with an associate degree.

In terms of return on investment, experts agree that a college degree is a good choice . Here’s a closer look at reasons why you should consider earning an associate degree.

Higher Pay with an Online Associate Degree

This is not up for debate. It’s just a fact. Those who earn an online associate degree make an average salary of $836 per week, according to numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That’s $124 per week more than those without an associate degree. That translates into $6,448 more earned per year by those with an associate degree over those without one.

More Opportunities, Less Unemployment

Another indisputable fact is that earning an associate degree online means that you have a better chance of finding a job and an increased number of career opportunities. The unemployment rate among those with an associate degree is 3.4%, according to the BLS. For those without a degree, that rate is 4.6%.

Online Associate Degree Option

The option of earning an associate degree online makes entering college an even more attractive option. Online programs offer students more flexibility in scheduling their classwork around busy schedules. This is especially important for those who want to earn an associate degree online but need to maintain their current job.

Less Time to Complete

This varies from student to student. But some schools, such as Touro University Worldwide, design online associate degree programs to maximize the number of transfer credits that go toward earning a degree. This can cut down on the time needed to complete the program.

Associate Degree Offers Stepping Stone

Many who earn an associate degree decide to continue their education by earning a bachelor degree. Bachelor degrees are offered online in a vast number of fields . A bachelor’s degree also increases salaries and lowers the chance of unemployment even further.

Earning an Online Associate Degree

Making the decision to earn an online associate degree is simple. Once you’ve picked a school that offers the associate degree you want, search their online offerings and find out the admission requirements .

Many schools offer financial aid or can guide you to where financial aid is available. They also offer guidance on preparing for online classes, including ensuring you have the proper software on your computer and advising you on study habits that work well with online classes.

For those who wish to improve their careers, earning an online associate degree can provide a major step in the right direction.

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