Should You Consider an Online Degree Program in 2019?

The biggest argument for earning an online degree might come from the numbers: Millions of students, especially working adults, are earning their college degree through online learning (what some might still call “distance learning”).

Why? There are hundreds of lists online that attempt to explain the advantages of earning a degree online . However, what follows are the foundational, “no frills” reasons why earning a degree online provides advantages.


Researchers have already shown that multitasking is a myth . That hasn’t kept life from throwing an incredibly long “to-do” list at us every day. That’s why the flexibility of an online degree program often provides exactly what people need. It’s possible to be completely present for class because you can take it at a time of your choosing. Most online degree programs are available 24/7/365, making it much easier to schedule time to study course materials, watch a lecture or do homework. This is especially appealing to working adults who are trying to balance work, personal life, and education.

It’s Instantly Relevant

Here’s how things used to work. A student went off to college for at least four years. They studied theory and (hopefully) how to apply those theories to real-world business situations. They then went out into the business world to put their education to use – and hopefully, those theories still applied. Today, for working adults, they can learn theory in class through an online degree program Tuesday and put it to use on the job Wednesday. That’s a facet of online learning that perhaps is not considered enough.

More Job Opportunities

Immediately putting knowledge to use in your job is going to get you noticed, and that in turn can lead to a better chance of promotions. Even if you don’t currently have a job, your chances of finding one increase substantially with a college degree. There’s proof of this in numbers from the federal government which shows that those with a bachelor’s degree enjoy an unemployment rate that is 2.1% lower than that of those with no degree.

More Money

Those same numbers from the government show that graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn $461 per week more than those without a degree. That translates into almost $24,000 per year. That speaks for itself.

A Bigger Network

Most people who attended a traditional college have a network of friends and acquaintances they made during their time on campus. Many of the people in that network may have already gone onto to an interesting place. But with online learning, one of your classmates might be an interesting place right now. While it’s possible in traditional classes, online classes are more likely to have students from around the country and around the world that share your interests in whatever you are studying. That’s a fantastic advantage that could impact the rest of your life.

No Geographical Confines

The Touro University system has ground campuses in various locations, such as Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. But you don’t have to live there or even in the United States to earn a degree. As more people (including employers) have dispensed with the traditional way of thinking about “going to college,” the true enormity of what online learning offers is becoming better known. If you meet the requirements and are willing to put in the work, you truly can earn a degree from anywhere.

Those are some of the foundational, important reasons that online learning in 2019 is something that students should seriously consider. It’s your time, money and, ultimately, your degree. You should have the chance to earn it in a way that works best for you.

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