The Benefits of Earning a Doctorate

A doctorate program offers working professionals the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of academic and professional knowledge within their fields. Graduates from a doctoral degree program become subject experts and innovators by conducting research and playing a vital role in solving complex, real-world issues within their industry.

Many doctoral degree students are motivated by a deep, continuing interest in their field and a desire to conduct research that moves their profession in new and exciting directions. Understanding that a growing number of people aspire to earn a doctorate, Touro University Worldwide offers doctoral degree programs in five fields, all available through online programs.

“Should I Earn My Doctorate?” The Benefits: Expertise, Jobs, and Salaries

Earning a doctorate has become an attractive option for many professionals in the United States. The latest U.S. Census Bureau numbers indicate that doctoral degree earners in the U.S. have doubled since 2000, from 2 million to 4.5 million.

While every professional has a unique set of motivators for earning a doctorate, some of the most common reasons include the following.

Developing the Highest Level of Expertise

The most common driver for professionals seeking a doctorate is a higher level of knowledge in their field. Those who earn a doctoral degree rank at the pinnacle of their profession. For many doctoral students, earning a doctorate is a personal goal more than a career enhancer. These graduates attain an unmatched level of credibility in their field and a personal sense of accomplishment.

Transitioning into Research

Earning a doctorate also opens the door to careers in academia or research. It’s a popular choice for most doctoral degree students. “Most of the jobs available to [doctorate] students upon graduation are academic in nature and directly related to their fields of study: professor, researcher, etc.,” Pierre Huguet, CEO and co-founder of H&C Education, told U.S. News & World Report.

Higher Earning Potential

According to data compiled by ZipRecruiter, those who hold a doctorate degree earn an average of $143,172 a year. The latest data from the federal government shows a significant pay gap between doctorate and master’s earners, with an average weekly salary of $1,909 and $1,574, respectively.

Becoming a Leader

Many of the trailblazing ideas in every industry start with those who have earned a doctorate. Graduates from a doctoral degree program become experts in content knowledge and develop new approaches to business challenges. Their emphasis on critical thinking and original research also leads to forward-looking ideas that can revolutionize an industry. 

Transferable Skills

The skills learned in a doctorate program are transferable to other industries. Those include problem-solving skills and the ability to analyze and synthesize information. Companies seek doctoral degree earners because they have reached the highest level of knowledge in research and the application of theory to real-world challenges.

Touro University Doctorate Degree Programs

Touro University Worldwide is a non-profit university established to develop connected, passionate learning communities, supporting them in achieving their academic and career goals. TUW pioneered high-quality, fully accredited online learning, including establishing five doctoral degree programs.

The TUW 100% online doctoral degree programs allow professionals the flexibility to pursue a doctorate around their professional and personal responsibilities. The programs do not require a GRE or residency. The programs offer six starts through the year, eight-week classes, and courses taught by scholar-practitioners with years of experience and success in their industry.

TUW currently offers five doctorate programs that provide opportunities for those asking, “Should I earn my doctorate?”

Doctor of Psychology in Human and Organizational Psychology. Designed to prepare graduates as industry thought leaders and engage in a deeper, more profound ways of learning. Graduates are prepared to promote a greater understanding and more effective implementation of psychology in the workplace.

Doctorate of Business Administration. Designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of theories and research needed to expand competencies as they face challenges in complex business environments. Graduates are prepared to take top executive positions, leading with vision, knowledge, and clarity.

Doctor of Management. Professionals learn to apply the scholar-practitioner model to real-world research, taking an evidence-based approach to problem-solving in managerial settings. The curriculum is designed for working senior executives and top managers.

Doctorate of Physician Assistant (DPA). Designed for post-professional students who want to advance their careers in any area of medicine, surgery, medical education, or other health-related fields. This is the only 100% online professional doctorate program for Physician Assistants without residency requirements.

Doctor of Health Science. Students learn theories and research in health sciences, expanding their competencies in their allied health professions to support them as they face challenges of individual and institutional functioning in today’s digital, connected, and culturally diverse global environment.

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