Should I Earn a Doctor of Management or a DBA?

Students in a Doctor of Management (DMGT) or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program graduate with expertise in business and management research and theory. Both degrees are suited for solving modern business challenges.

Despite their similarities, however, there are significant differences between the two. These distinctions are why Touro University Worldwide offers programs for both the Doctor of Management and Doctor of Business Administration degrees. Both are offered 100% online, giving busy professionals the chance to earn a doctorate while maintaining their current positions.

Choosing the right one requires knowing which one prepares you best for the career you plan to pursue.

What Is a Doctor of Management Program?

A Doctor of Management degree prepares students with the latest management theories and techniques. Graduates emerge with the concepts and practical knowledge to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization. They also develop expertise in using statistical research to uncover insights into strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for an organization.

Coursework in the program includes examining organizational behavior, governance and accountability, applied industrial/organizational psychology, qualitative and quantitative research methods, survey design, and evidence-based management practices.

What is a Doctor of Business Administration Program?

In a Doctor of Business Administration program, students also learn how to solve real-world business problems with an evidence-based approach. Students take advanced courses in marketing, finance, and accounting, learning how to successfully guide a business in a highly competitive market.

The DBA curriculum gives aspiring and current business executives the academic research skills they need to excel as business leaders. Coursework includes organizational behavior theory, business and management across cultures, ethics for business professionals, financial principles and management in business, contemporary marketing, turnaround management, and organizational renewal strategies.

Similarities Between the DMGT and DBA

Both emphasize research tools and techniques that help leaders identify challenges and develop solutions in a complex global business environment. Each provides students with expertise in the latest management theories and the knowledge needed to apply that expertise in real-world situations.

Either degree can also lead to a salary increase. PayScale reports an average annual income of $99,269 for those with a doctorate.

Differences Between the DMGT and DBA

DMGT students tend to focus more on research, while the DBA students concentrate on common issues faced by business leaders, including finance and marketing challenges.

Students in a DBA program often occupy C-suite-level positions and want to hone their business administration skills further. They learn how to use evidence-based decision-making to create a more productive and profitable operation. Earning a DBA adds to their experience already gained in years of work, while other DBA candidates may have careers as guest lecturers or write for academic journals.

DMGT graduates work at the highest levels of business or choose to follow a career in academic research. They are often successful as consultants where they help guide companies through periods of change or renewal. They also have the skills necessary to work in management roles in government, banking, and finance.

Both Doctor of Business Administration and Doctor of Management programs offer business leaders the chance to reach the pinnacle of their profession. Whether they focus on research or the day-to-day guidance of a company, they develop the skills and knowledge that rank them among the elite in the business world.

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