Careers for Graduates with a Doctorate Degree in Management – Concentration: Strategic Innovation and Change

A doctorate in management program attracts business leaders who want to use advanced management skills to implement strategic innovation successfully. It’s a degree program designed for ambitious leaders wanting to focus on changing their organizations for the better.

With a doctorate degree in management, students gain expertise in business theory, business research, and the practical application of theory to real-world situations. Doctorate program graduates move on to positions in academia or in “innovation jobs” that focus on cultural and operational change. They often work as consultants, advising management on strategic changes that keep businesses competitive and growing in our interconnected 21st century business landscape.

Touro University Worldwide offers a 100% online  Doctor of Management with a Concentration in Strategic Innovation and Change for those attracted to the ambitious world of strategic innovation. It’s designed for those wanting to spend their careers leading organizations into a successful future.

What is Strategic Innovation?

Strategic innovation refers to the concept of leading in a particular field by fostering a culture that encourages innovation. That’s a needed set of skills because while a culture of innovation is the backbone of a free market system, it’s also difficult to attain.

Doing so requires dedication to the idea of reinventing or redesigning business strategy, according to Tech Target. That drives growth, creates value for investors, employees, and customers, giving businesses a competitive advantage.

Even when achieved, innovation can prove elusive to sustain. For every story about world-changing innovation at Google and Apple, there are stories about companies once known as innovators that did not sustain their performance, such as Polaroid and Sun Microsystems.

As noted by Harvard Business Review, “Despite massive investments of management time and money, innovation remains a frustrating pursuit in many companies.”

What Students Learn in a Doctor of Management Program

While most organizational leaders know the value of strategic innovation, relatively few understand the underpinnings that support creating a strong innovation culture. Those who enter TUW’s Doctor of Management program are part of that group, learning advanced theoretical analysis, research comprehension, and application of skills.

Courses in the TUW program include:

  • The Scholar-Practitioner Model
  • Theories of Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational Governance and Accountability
  • Turnaround Management & Organizational Renewal Strategies
  • Applied I/O Psychology

In the area of research, courses include Research Methods, Survey Design, Qualitative Research Methods, and two courses in Quantitative Research.

Doctor of Management students at TUW enjoy the advantage of learning from faculty members who hold doctoral degrees and have leadership experience in areas such as technology, finance, and marketing. They also have access to TUW’s online library that includes extensive research databases.

Because it is offered online, the TUW Doctor of Management program allows professionals, many of them already in leadership positions or in higher education, to schedule classwork around their busy schedules. There are no GRE or residency requirements for the program.

Careers in Strategic Innovation

For those working as consultants, there isn’t a business or industry that can’t benefit from someone with extensive knowledge in strategic innovation. Some larger companies also hire a person who earned a Doctor of Management on staff to lead innovation efforts. Some of the most popular jobs in the field include the following (average annual salaries from

  • Innovation Consultant ($97,429)
  • Change Agent ($46,823)
  • Chief Innovation Officer ($138,616)
  • Business Development Manager ($67,764)
  • Innovation Strategist ($82,457)

Many graduates also go on to take faculty positions in higher education. A college professor’s average annual salary is $56,565, although that number varies widely depending on location and specific institution.

Earning a doctorate degree helps position graduates for jobs at the pinnacle of the management profession. Whether being interested in guiding companies to be competitive in the 21st century business landscape or teaching future business leaders, a Doctor of Management degree places graduates on the path to achieve their goals.

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