What Can I Do with an MFT degree?

Good relationships are key to a good life. Unfortunately, many times relationships prove difficult to maintain. Money problems can cause a happy marriage to become strained. Strong families find themselves fractured by an unexpected illness, death or change in finances.

An MA in Marriage and Family Therapy program prepares graduates to deal with situations like these. They have the expertise to offer guidance to patients. That advice helps patients cope with issues that impact their mental health and overall wellbeing. Marriage and family therapists often help people change the direction of their lives in a positive way. It’s a deeply satisfying and rewarding job.

The Job of A Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage and family therapists work in a variety of settings. Those include community clinics, hospitals, and residential treatment centers. A master’s program prepares them to work one-on-one with individuals. They also may work with couples, families or large groups.

Some specialize in working with children. Issues in this area can include behavioral problems and academic difficulties. Therapists also work with children from homes where domestic violence or substance abuse has occurred.

In school, marriage and family therapists develop skills to assess volatile situations. They learn to closely listen to words used by patients. They observe how people interact within the family unit.

Therapists evaluate relationship challenges and make suggestions on how to resolve them. In the case of families, they can offer guidance to get through a crisis such as divorce or death. They also may diagnose any psychological disorders.

Overall, marriage and family therapists work toward increasing health and wellbeing for patients.

Are Marriage and Family Therapists in Demand?

Marriage and family therapists work in one of the fastest growing professions in the country. The number of people working in the profession will increase by 23% by 2026, according to projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

States with the highest demand include California, New Jersey, Arizona, Maryland, and West Virginia.

California employs 16,420 marriage and family therapists, more than any other state. The BLS-powered Projections Central estimates a 23.5% increase in the number of marriage and family therapists in California by 2026.

Aspects of a Good Marriage and Family Therapy Program

All marriage and family therapists earn a master’s degree. They then obtain proper licensing before entering the profession. It’s important to ensure that a program offers what is needed to become licensed in your state.

Online programs also provide benefits for those with busy family and professional schedules. They offer students the chance to earn a degree from anywhere in the world.

Quality programs also offer strong support for students . This includes both academic guidance and supporting students when transitioning from school into a job. The practical knowledge gained through a practicum is also important. Graduating from a marriage and family therapy program requires hundreds of hours in direct contact with clients.

Quality programs also offer a faculty with experience in the marriage and family therapy field.

The work involved in becoming a marriage and family therapist signifies how important the job has become. Few professions offer the chance to impact the lives of so many in a meaningful way. A master’s degree can open the door to the best jobs in the profession.

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