What Jobs Can You Get with an MBA?

For decades, earning an MBA has been the pathway to a career in business leadership. Today, the jobs you can get with an MBA are more varied than ever before.

While much has changed since the first MBA program began in the early 20th-century, its relevance remains cogent, as future-facing institutions evolve their programs to meet the challenges of a 21st-century global economy.

If you’re wondering “why should I get an MBA?” read on.

Advantages of Earning an MBA

Navigating a successful career in today’s volatile marketplace requires resilience, adaptability, knowledge, and skill. These qualities are essential irrespective of any particular job title. Earning an MBA lays the foundation for all this and more.

Among the many advantages of earning an MBA are:

  • Greater earning potential: In 2019, the Graduate Management Admission Council released a report showing the median starting salary for new MBA hires as the highest on record at $115,000. Note, however, that we say “potential.” Earning and maintaining a generous salary requires hard work. This will present no hurdle to MBA graduates who, by virtue of their studies, demonstrate a strong work ethic.
  • Job security: Careers are much more fluid in today’s job market. The traditional concept of job security – spending an entire career with one employer – is less important than it once was. Nonetheless, an MBA affords more stability and thus more career options for choosing when to go or when to stay with a company. Which leads us to the next advantage.
  • Transferable skills: Programs like Touro University Worldwide’s online MBA program teach the core principles of management, leadership, finance, strategy, and organizational behavior. These are the fundamentals businesses and institutions seek, no matter their specific sector or industry.
  • Opportunities to lead: Earning an MBA grounds you in the theory of leadership. You’ll study ethics, how to motivate people and teams, critical thinking, and the dynamics of decision-making.
  • A wide professional network: With an MBA, you’re in good company. The contacts you make throughout your MBA studies and beyond will benefit your personal and professional life.

What Jobs Can You Get With an MBA?

Earning an MBA is an investment in a career, not just a job. The concepts and marketable skills learned in a modern MBA program carry across sectors, industries, occupational fields, and institutions.

Reviewing even a small sampling of job opportunities available to MBA graduates highlights the flexibility and value of an MBA in today’s complex economy.

  • Healthcare Administrator: Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Demand for professionals able to effectively lead in a complex, rapidly changing, and often chaotic environment grows at a dizzying pace. In fact, the BLS estimates a 32% job growth for healthcare managers through 2029. The median salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $100,980.
  • Management Analyst: Take charge of operational procedure and systems design. Depending on the sector, average annual compensation ranges from $79,720 to 91,160. While not required to work as a management analyst, employers are typically willing to offer higher salaries to those with an MBA degree.
  • Cybersecurity Manager: There is not an industry or organization untouched by the threat of cybercrime. MBA specializations in cybersecurity and IT prepare leaders to mount and manage effective countermeasures to this growing risk. The median pay reported by the BLS is $99,730.
  • Financial Manager: Finance is the lifeblood of any business or organization, whatever its mission. Managers in the financial sector oversee the fiscal health of an organization, preparing reports and strategizing for long-term success. Financial managers can expect an average salary of $129,890.
  • Marketing Manager: Effective marketing combines building a compelling brand or message with deep analytical skills. Marketing managers understand their target markets, how to reach them, and how to get them in the sales, fundraising, or message funnel. Salaries for skilled, talented marketing managers typically range around $135,900.

Touro University Worldwide Online MBA Program

With TUW’s online MBA degree program, you’re investing in your future through one of the most modern, innovative MBA degree programs available. Students gain the fundamental knowledge and skills in management, finance, and leadership required to succeed in any sector or industry.

The program’s core coursework includes:

  • Professional Communications
  • Management Across Cultures
  • Ethics for Business Professionals
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Principles & Management
  • Contemporary Marketing
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Managing Organizational Behavior
  • Capstone Project

With this foundation, students can focus on any one of 10 specializations preparing them for a variety of challenging and rewarding careers. From AI and Cybersecurity management to healthcare administration, financial and business management, global and non-profit management, and more, graduates are prepared to lead.

With affordable tuition, no GMAT or GRE requirement, and six start dates throughout the year, earning your MBA 100 percent online at TUW is a smart choice for today’s leaders and innovators.

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