Touro University Worldwide: California Transfer Students

The face of higher education is changing. Over the past few decades, that face has become older as more working adults aim to complete what they started and earn their associate or bachelor’s degrees. Touro University Worldwide is committed to helping California transfer students do just that.

Since 2008, TUW has been a pioneer in online college education.  The University is among the first to offer students accredited online degree programs. That pioneering spirit carries forth today for California students through the school’s many transfer partnerships. These partnerships help ease the path to degree completion.

Easing the Path Toward Completion

There are many reasons students don’t complete a college program. Often, adult stop-out students maintain the inertia of “someday, I’ll get that degree.”  TUW’s commitment to its partner colleges and universities reflects its mission of quality education for all. To achieve this, TUW offers a transparent and unobstructed transfer process. Understanding this process begins with an Articulation Agreement.

What is an Articulation Agreement?

Articulation agreements describe the transfer pathways between two or more colleges or universities. They define how credits at one institution will transfer to another. There are three specific stakeholders or perspectives in an articulation agreement: the student, the sending institution, and the receiving institution.

In a US News article, Brenda McCoy, associate vice president for strategic initiatives at the University of North Texas says, “An articulation agreement outlines which courses in which institutions will map toward a specific degree program.”

For students, these are important guiding documents. They have the potential to chart a path back to school and the completion of their programs.

California Community College Transfer

Historically, the cost of education makes community colleges an attractive option for students beginning their college education. Though the intent may be to continue their education at a 4-year college, many students “stop-out” before they get that far.

California’s network of community colleges oversees a transfer and articulation program. The program partners with the University of California (UC), the California State University (CSU), the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU), and other higher education partners, including TUW.

Students within the California State University and University of California system can access transfer information and support at

How TUW Helps California Transfer Students

Touro University Worldwide takes pride in offering transfer-friendly degree programs. Its many transfer partnerships and articulation agreements help clear the path for California students ready to continue their education.

TUW makes finishing your program easier with:

  • Reduced tuition for students transferring from a partner institution: Transferring students receive a $250-per-credit-hour discount. The tuition reduction is the same as receiving a nearly 40% tuition scholarship!
  • A generous transfer credit policy: Students can transfer up to 90-semester credits toward a bachelor’s degree, 12 credits for a master’s degree program, and six credits for a doctorate program.
  • Working with a dedicated online academic advisor: From the start, advisors work building a collaborative relationship with each student. They help students understand and navigate the transfer process, register for classes, and act as academic coaches throughout enrollment at TUW.
  • A seamless credit transfer process: In addition to its institutional partnerships, TUW’s enrollment counselors ensure a smooth transfer credit process.
  • Priority admission status: Students transferring from partner institutions receive priority admission status.
  • Low residency requirement: Completing 30 units at TUW satisfies the residency requirement.

Removing the barriers to educational success is the goal of every staff and faculty member at TUW.

If you’re a California transfer student ready to complete your associate or bachelor’s degree – and possibly move on to post graduate study – the journey continues at Touro University Worldwide.

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