A Day in the Life – Social Worker

Social work attracts people who seek a career where the focus is not on what their job can do for them, but rather on what they can do for others, especially those from disadvantaged communities. Their work lifts individuals, families, and even entire communities. 

While social workers face a host of challenges, they also work in a field that offers extraordinarily high levels of job satisfaction. Getting the most from social work requires getting a well-rounded education. Every day, social workers interact with people who are often scared, confused, and overwhelmed by a host of issues. They need the steady guidance that an experienced and well-educated social worker provides.

Earning an online Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work prepares people for the challenging situations that are part of a social worker’s career. Graduates from a social work degree program have the skills needed to work in a variety of environments, including schools, senior centers, social service agencies, counseling centers, and nonprofit organizations. 

The Need for Social Workers 

Social work is a unique field that combines a calling to help others with a profession that offers stability. The social work field continues to grow each year, with more than 89,000 people expected to become social workers by 2030, according to projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That’s 12 percent growth in the field, faster than the average 8 percent growth projected for all professions. 

In addition to working in a variety of environments, social work graduates may also choose to focus their work on a specific population group. These include children, families, mental health, substance abuse, convicted criminals, veterans, victims of abuse, and school children.  

Social workers have the ability to advance into higher-level positions by earning new credentials. After earning a four-year degree, many move on to a master’s degree in social work program, expanding their knowledge and increasing their chances of promotion. 

What Social Workers Do Each Day 

Wherever they work, the primary concern of social workers is to support individuals and families, guiding them toward healthier social and emotional functioning and general well-being. They help people overcome complex psychological, social, health, and financial problems, providing expert counseling and guidance.  

No matter where they work, social workers have duties that typically include all or some of the following, according to Indeed:

  • Meeting with clients in-person or over the phone 
  • Offering clients educational information as well as financial or emotional support 
  • Referring clients to specialists in areas such as mental health, physical health, and job placement 
  • Staying up-to-date on government regulations related to social work 
  • Developing and putting care plans into place for clients 
  • Meeting police officers or lawyers to discuss legal aspects of a client’s case 
  • Using their emotional and psychological training to address trauma with clients, helping them process feelings 

The level of social work also changes depending on the situation. At the micro level, social workers collaborate directly with individuals. At the mezzo level, social workers engage with small groups. At the macro level, they work with larger groups and promote positive societal, cultural, and community change. 

Some social worker graduates, especially those who go on to earn a master’s degree, may choose to work in a leadership position as an administrator or manager. 

The Touro University Worldwide Social Work Degree 

With the online bachelor’s degree program in social work, Touro University Worldwide designed a program that allows working adults the chance to earn a degree on their schedule. The flexibility of online education allows students to learn from wherever they live, watching lectures and doing classwork when it’s most convenient for them. 

Students who enter the program full-time (12 credits per semester for three semesters per year) can complete the degree program in three and a half years. Students can transfer up to 90 credits into the program, significantly shortening the time it takes to earn a degree. 

The TUW program provides the knowledge and skills students need to provide social services at a high level. Students also hone important skills such as communication, empathy, patience, knowledge of psychology, and attention to detail.

For those who aspire to spend their career improving the lives of others, earning a degree in social work provides the first step on the journey to achieve their career goals. 

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