6 Signs You’ll Enjoy Earning a Master’s Degree in Public Health

Public health is a growing field for many reasons; all of them indicate that it’s a great career choice for those interested in both healthcare and improving the lives of others.

One reason is simply population growth. There are more people than ever who need healthcare. Another is an aging population in the United States that is more active, and needs more medical services, than any generation that has come before.

But perhaps more than anything, what drives the growth in public health are changes in how medical professionals now approach healthcare delivery. Rising medical costs have driven a shift in medical care. Now, the emphasis is more on prevention than cure.

Those who work in public health promote healthy living habits, often reaching thousands of people by working through community centers, schools and workplaces. They also lead government departments and nonprofit agencies focused on public health.

Their efforts impact people in areas such as life expectancy, infant and child mortality and reduction of communicable diseases.

But will you enjoy earning a Master’s of Science in Health Science and focusing on public health? Consider the following.

You Want To Make A Difference

If you read the paragraphs above and thought, “This sounds like something I want to do,” then you will enjoy public health. While other areas of healthcare provide important individual care, public health looks at the larger issues and tries to prevent them from happening. People who go into public health care about the welfare of humanity and helping them at the community, national and global level.

You Want To Move Up

Earning a master’s degree in public health not only increases the chances of earning more, it also prepares you to take on a leadership role in public health. Not only can you focus your career on helping others, you also can help guide the direction of your organization in how they supply that help.

You Want To Be Part Of A Growing Field

Careers in public health continue to expand. As more healthcare operations move into preventive care, the need for qualified public health professionals is expected to grow. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that one job in the field, health educator, will grow 16 percent by 2026.

You Want To Go Global

Many careers are tied to one place. That’s not the case in public health. It’s not even tied to one country. The health issues faced by people in the U.S. are the same as the health issues faced by everyone around the world. Jobs in public health allow you to work wherever in the world you might want to go.

You Want A Career That Is Challenging

Despite the many gains made in public health, many more challenges remain. Obesity is a problem in the U.S., for example. So is addiction, with thousands dying each year from opioid-related overdoses alone. The issues facing public health workers are complex and varied, but the drive to improve the health of millions of people provides a challenging career trying to solve those issues.

You Care

That’s really the bottom line. Challenges, promotions, working anywhere and a growing industry are all good things. But public health is the perfect place for passionate people who truly care about improving the well-being of others. That’s the foremost reason why people enjoy earning a master’s degree in public health.

Public health will continue to be a focus for the healthcare industry for decades to come. For those with an interest in helping others and being as prepared for the job as possible, a master’s degree in public health could prove the perfect fit.

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