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At the crossroads of quality education, affordability and flexibility, you will find Touro University Worldwide’s online degree programs. Professionals in California and beyond now have a better option for accredited, online degrees from a longstanding leader in online higher education.

By: Jessica Blanchard

Earning your degree online takes motivation and the ability to self-start, but it doesn’t mean you do it alone. Community is important at Touro. Founded in the Jewish faith, Judaic principles and values are a focal point of Touro University Worldwide’s online experience. An emphasis on service, intellectual pursuit and social justice is prevalent throughout. The highly qualified staff at TUW is committed to creating a passionate and connected learning community that helps students achieve their academic and professional goals.

Dr. Yoram Neumann, founder of Touro College and business administration professor, speaks highly of TUW’s commitment to students.

“TUW faculty pride themselves on accessibility. They regularly email with students back and forth directly, and are available for phone appointments. Faculty interacts directly with students, commenting on discussion forums, providing ongoing feedback on assignments. Our faculty is sensitive to the fact that all of our students have lives outside of school, with familial and work obligations that can affect their schooling.”

Touro University Worldwide offers more than first-rate, accessible professors; students have access to support services that see them through graduation and beyond. Dr. Neumann goes on to say, “We have designed our university to focus on student success every step of the way. Our student success center is structured from a holistic and high-engagement student service model that guides and supports the individual needs of students from their initial start with TUW to the end of their program, which includes new student orientation, advising, career resources and disability services.”

Educational Advising

Students at TUW can conduct all their administrative needs online, including class registration, updating account information, ordering textbooks and materials and monitoring grades. But that doesn’t mean involvement is limited to online courses and faculty. Upon enrollment, each student is assigned an educational advisor in the student success center. Whatever challenges you face, from questions about registration, academic progress or even time management, your EA will be there to help you keep yourself on track. You can contact your EA any time by phone at (888) 586-5193 or via email at info@tuw.edu.

Technical Support

Technical support for TUW’s online environment is available around-the-clock; email the support center at helpdesk@tuw.edu to submit a request.

Online Library

When you enroll at Touro, you’re granted admittance to TUW’s vast online library. Students can access scholarly and professional research materials anytime, anywhere. Touro’s remotely accessible digital library is maintained by a full-time staff of librarians and research specialists who oversee the collection and assist students with research endeavors. Once accepted to a program, students can log in and visit the library from the Touro home page by selecting Libraries from the drop down navigation bar.


Last June, TUW celebrated their first commencement for graduates of the Master’s in Media and Communications Psychology in Westlake Village, Calif. The program produced 28 graduates. “The demand for our quality program is increasing and will grow stronger as these graduates go on to further distinguish themselves through new achievements in many sectors,” said Dr. Toni Luskin, former chair of TUW’s MCP division.

Career Resources

TUW continues its commitment to students after graduation. The university is in the process of implementing additional opportunities to help graduates land jobs and internships. For more information on job seeking and tips on networking and resume building, click here.

Build Your Better Campus

The best way to take advantage of the TUW community is to blend on-campus and online activities. Dr. Neumann suggests building a peer group from those already close to you. “We’ve seen great success with students who recruit a co-worker, family member or friend into the same program. Then it becomes an additionally supportive environment with their own ‘satellite campus’ at the local coffee shop, friend’s living room, or library.”

Touro University Worldwide offers a bachelor’s degree in business administration and will be expanding undergraduate offerings soon. Several online graduate degrees in psychology and business administration are available, as well as a doctorate in psychology. Graduate certificate programs in pastoral counseling and social media marketing are also offered. For more information on Touro’s degree programs and course offerings, click here.

Touro University Worldwide (TUW) believes in the transformative power of continued education. TUW students are committed to social justice, intellectual pursuit and philanthropic duty and receive a well-rounded educational experience focused on the holistic development of the individual. An advanced degree from TUW can change your career trajectory and your future putting you on a path towards advancement and lifelong success.

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