What is a Health Sciences Degree?

Delivering health care is an art and a science. Not just in direct patient care but also through education, policy, facility management, and administration. A health sciences degree provides the skills and knowledge to assume these many non-medical roles in health care.

Health care is among the fastest-growing sectors of the American economy. Many factors drive this growth, but clearly the demand for dedicated health care professionals in all fields ensures solid job growth through the next decade.

With a degree in health sciences, you’ll be prepared to take leadership roles administering and managing the many facets of health care.

Earning an Online Health Sciences Degree

Touro University Worldwide offers a flexible, affordable, and comprehensive Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) degree.

The program provides a holistic, concentrated, and real-world approach to course instruction. Each course gives students the theory, skills, and training to become effective health care leaders, educators, and administrators.

All courses are taught by dedicated instructors, each an experienced professional in their field.

Some of the key features of the Health Sciences degree program are:

  • Affordable tuition
  • 100 percent online
  • No additional fees for textbooks
  • Scholarships are available. Find out more here.
  • Dedicated instructors are also experienced health care professionals
  • A choice of three tracks and a variety of concentrations
  • Eight-week terms with six start dates throughout the year for even more flexibility

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Program Tracks

Students choose from one of three learning tracks to focus their studies:

  • Health Education
  • Health Care Administration
  • Long-term Care Administration

In each track, students learn the theoretical foundations, strategies, and practical applications of their chosen track.

A Career in Health Care

Earning a BSHS degree at Touro University Worldwide combines the theoretical foundation and practical knowledge to work in health care as managers, educators, and administrators throughout the industry. The many career paths open to graduates of the program include:

  • Community health educator
  • Long-term care manager
  • Clinic/hospital administrator
  • School health educator
  • Health literacy program coordinator
  • Health program analyst
  • Community outreach manager

The demand for leaders throughout the health care industry, both public and private, is strong. This is especially true of community health care, education, and management. Students can apply their education in the direction that their interests, talents, and passion take them.

In the private sector:

As value-based health care becomes the dominant model, talented administrators and managers are needed to navigate the new economics and delivery of health care.

In the public sector:

Community health care administrators and educators are vital for effective health care that is inclusive and preventative.

Start Your Career with a Health Sciences Degree

Studying at Touro University Worldwide is the foundation for a career in health care. Whether entering the job market or progressing to postgraduate study (or both) the benefits of the program include:

  • Study 100 percent online. Perfect for working professionals
  • Focused, real-world courses taught by working professionals
  • Affordable tuition

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is for people who want to make a difference in the evolving world of health care. You may envision a role as a lab manager, health educator, community health care director, or hospital administrator. It could be any number of important roles vital to a functioning health care system.

With a degree from Touro University Worldwide, you’ll have the foundation for a rewarding, impactful career in health care.

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