In Loving Memory – Dr. Yoram Neumann, PhD

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Dr. Yoram Neumann

Dr. Yoram Neumann, PhD
(May 11, 1947 to April 14, 2020)
Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer
Touro University Worldwide

Dr. Yoram Neumann led Touro University Worldwide (TUW) as the Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He received his PhD in Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management from Cornell University. He earned both an MBA and BS in Economics and Statistics from Tel-Aviv University.

With a highly esteemed career in higher education and as an award winning pioneer for online learning, Dr. Yoram Neumann possessed an incredible academic leadership background. Some highlights include: President and CEO of United States University; President, CEO, and founder of Touro University International (TUI); Executive Vice President and Provost for California State University, Dominguez Hills; Director, Graduate Program in Technology Strategy and Policy at Boston University; and Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

One of Dr. Neumann’s most notable accomplishments was the founding of Touro University International (TUI) in 1998; the first university in the world to offer regionally accredited PhD programs online with no residency requirements. The university was built on an innovative online learning model that Dr. Neumann first presented in a professional conference about 25 years ago. He named the model, the Robust Learning Model (RLM), and it had been built on quality standards that is considered one of the primary pillars of online-learning paradigms in higher education and recognized by regional accreditors. The model is centered on adult learner student needs, ensuring high standards of academic performance, retention and graduation that is applicable to all degree programs (Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate).

For 11 years (1998-2009), Dr. Yoram Neumann, along with the late Dr. Edith Neumann, former TUW Chief Academic Officer and Provost, led TUI to successfully graduate 14,000 proud alumni. From no courses in 1998, TUI offered more than 50,000 course registrations by 2009. Both government and military students had exceptional participation, which can be attributed to Dr. Yoram Neumann’s passion for the military having served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for numerous years. TUI was sold in 2007 to a private equity group for $190 million dollars.

In 2008, Touro founded Touro University Worldwide to replace the educational void that the sale of TUI left. Drs. Neumann returned to the Touro system in July 2012 to assume leadership of Touro University Worldwide. As Chancellor and CEO, Dr. Yoram Neumann continued In keeping with Touro’s founding mission and principles, and built TUW upon the Judaic foundation and the values it represents. Those values involve a commitment to social justice, intellectual pursuit and service to society, and the underserved.

Dr. Neumann’s expertise in online learning earned him the “Establishing Best Practices in Online Education” award from the Academy of Business Administration and the award for “Unique Achievements in Distance Learning in Management” from Hyundai Motor America. Dr. Neumann was awarded the internationally recognized “Gold Hermes” award in 2019 for the journal article “The Robust Learning Model (RLM): A comprehensive approach to a new online university” published in The Journal of College Teaching and Learning.

An accomplished scholar and researcher, Dr. Yoram Neumann authored and co-authored multiple books and numerous peer reviewed articles in top tier journals in management, business administration, and higher education over the course of his career.

There are not enough words to express Dr. Yoram Neumann’s achievements, contributions to the academic world and society as he was a larger than life thinker; he was just a great man that cared about humanity.

Dr. Yoram Neumann will be sorely missed by his family, friends, the entire Touro community and all those who had the opportunity to be blessed by his presence.

73 Responses to “In Loving Memory – Dr. Yoram Neumann, PhD”

  1. Maria Cooper says :

    Sorry to hear about Dr. Neumann. His family and the Touro family has my condolences.

  2. Xiomara Blanco says :

    Dear Dr. Neumann,
    You legacy and memory will remain in the eyes of those who want grow and enrich themselves with knowledge thank you for your dedication and passion to improve education .

  3. valeriya berezhynska says :

    Thank you for creating an amazing opportunity for so many of us … your impact lives on <3

  4. Manuela Mage says :

    Dr. Neumann signed my PsD dissertation. I felt so honored to have his signature on this little document. Now, it’s a testament to how life is full of meaning but also so transitory. He rests in peace. Baruch dayan emet.✡️

  5. Monique Bergman says :

    Dr. Neumann will be deeply missed by all and touched the hearts of the many he came across. It was a honor getting to work with Dr. Neumann and he contributed so much to the area of academia as to the world itself. He left a positive impact on this world and he will never be forgotten.

    My prayers and thoughts go out to his family, his friends and the TUW family during this difficult time.

  6. Mina says :

    My condolences and prayers to the whole family. Good bless.

  7. Cynthia Mack says :

    Prayers of strength and comfort for love ines during their time of bereavement

  8. Nene Barry says :

    My condolences to his family and all the faculty members. May he rest in peace.

  9. Jamila Outlar says :

    Wow! What a selfless life Dr. Neumann lived. I feel even prouder as a student of TUW knowing the founder worked so hard and cared so much about this institution. I am able to earn an MBA because of this platform though my schedule is hectic. Thank God for his vision for TUW. My condolences go out to the family and friends of Dr. Yoram Neumann. A great man indeed.

  10. Lizbeth Martinez says :

    Dr. Neumann was a great leader. My condolences to the family I will keep them in my prayers through this difficult time.

  11. Grecia Sanchez Venegas says :

    My dearest condolences for his family.

  12. Paul Cameron says :

    “We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” Chuck Palahniuk

    Dr. Neumann did just that. He will be remembered for all the lives he changed.

  13. Darren Moore says :

    Dr. Neumann had an amazing body of work and accomplishments. It was great to have met him and to know him. I still remember how nice he always has been when I would see him in the office. He was very kind and I appreciate that especially when I first started at TUW. My thoughts and prayers go out to the immediate family, extended family, and TUW Family.

  14. Amichai Nissim Rosenberg says :

    Z”L to Professor Neumann and his loved ones.

  15. Daphney Rene says :

    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Dr. Yoram Neuman. My deepest condolences

  16. Mary says :

    My love and prayers go out to Dr Neumann’s family, friends, and colleagues.

  17. Sabina Yesmin says :

    My deepest condolences for his family at this sad time.

  18. Andrea Clarke says :

    I’m sorry to learn of the loss of Dr. Yoram Neumann. My condolences to his family and friends .

  19. Marc Albritton says :

    A huge loss for all.

  20. LanAnh says :

    You will always be an inspiration and our guardian angel. Thank you for spearheading with endless spirit for the fulfillment of each human soul fortunate and brave enough to fight for their right to their best life.

  21. Don Miller says :

    There are a few great leaders who have insight and vision to accomplish important projects. Dr. Neumann showed us how to have the ability and motivation to follow their dreams. As a retired person who desired a chance to get a masters, TUW offers it with reduced cost for veterans. I give a salute to him and condolences to his family.

  22. Garfield Vassell says :

    My sincere condolences to the family and faculty. May Dr. Yoram Neuman rest in peace.

  23. Eric A. Williams says :

    Prayers and blessings to friends, family, and colleagues of Dr. Neumann. He created a legacy that will live on and multiply more quality legacies. Thanks, Dr. Neumann, for fulfilling your purpose and vision and allowing so many of us a means to fulfill ours!

  24. Jamie says :

    My heart goes out to Dr. Neumann‘s family, friends, and colleagues. His work touched the lives of so many. I am grateful for his life’s work.

  25. Pamela Welch says :

    My condolences to his family, praying that God will strengthen them in there time of sorrow

  26. Christina Grantham says :

    Praying for the family of Dr. Neumann as well as our TUW family. Thank you Dr. Neumann for your selfless service. Rest well!

  27. Caroline Howard says :

    Through their visionary leadership and focus on student success, the Neumanns provided exemplary and innovative adult learner education. I was honored to work for Dr. Neumann at both TUI and TUW. At both the Neumanns built outstanding institutions with innovative educational models that focused on student success and improved the lives of thousands. In his many capacities, Dr. Neumann contributed to both society and the future of education. He will be missed.
    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this difficult time.

  28. Easter says :

    My condolences and prayer of comfort and love over his family.

  29. Michelle Henley says :

    Condolences extended. Thank you for your gift to education!

  30. Reynaldo Santana says :

    My condolences to Dr. Neumann‘s family and friends on behalf of my family and me.
    I read Dr. Neumann’s biography and all his accomplishments and was able to see that he was the anchor to TUW and all faculty members. His work was extraordinary and touched so many. A man as he has and right now sitting next to our creator.
    May he rest in peace.

  31. JIE XU says :

    Our deepest sympathy and prayers to his family, Dr.Yoram Neumann will deeply be missed.

  32. Edward Halperin says :

    I am sorry to learn of his passing. May the family be comforted among all those who mourn in Zion and Jerusalem. I hope that fond memories and the passage of time will ease the pain of the present. Edward Halperin

  33. Magalis Williams says :

    My condolences to Dr. Neumann‘s family, may he rests in peace.

  34. Eric Nunoo says :

    My Condolences to the family of Dr. Neumann’s family and the entire TUW administration and faculty in general for the the period of devastating loss of one of most respectable personalities when it comes to education. I celebrate him today because he is for all. RIP. Dr Neumann!

  35. Chisako Yamakawa says :

    I would like to express my deepest sympathy on the passing of Dr. Neumann.

    I had no chance to know him personally, but I regarded him as a truly great global leader.

    That was his message on the TUW homepage that finally made me decide to join its master’s degree program in psychology. (I am a current student, and I am proud of being a part of TUW.)

    My sincerest condolences to his family and all faculty members, may he rest in peace.

  36. Matt Bonilla says :

    To an incredible thought leader and great friend. You will be missed.

  37. Angela Miraglia says :

    My deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers are with all.

  38. Jennifer Whitmon says :

    My condolences to the Neumann family, friends and TUW administration. May you be comforted during this time. Dr. Neumann’s legacy lives on through TUW faculty, staff and students.

  39. Kenshasha Stokes says :

    My deepest sympathies go out to him and his family may he rest in peace.

  40. Jackie Robinson says :

    Wow he will be missed much.

  41. Jupiter Edwards says :

    Dr Neumanni,
    May you forever RIP. From one Toro to another .Cal State Dominguez Hill Senior # class of 2020.

  42. ברוך דיין האמת

  43. Simcha Fishbane says :

    Most of us run after the development of modern technology while Dr. Yoram Neumann was out ahead of us leaving us behind trying to catch up. We are all aware of the exceptional accomplishments of Yoram in general and for the Touro College and University System. Despite his exceptional professional and technical achievements and talents, Yoram was a man who was also be kind and generous. He stood out as both a Jew and Zionist. His deep love for Israel and the Jewish tradition governed his personal and professional life. Yoram’s friendship will be missed.

    May his memory be a blessing.

  44. Dawn Brown-Ford says :

    My deepest sympathy & prayers are extended to
    Dr. Neumann family, friends and colleagues at this bereaved time! It is my prayer that God comfort, keep & protect the TUW family in the days ahead.

  45. Rich Scafe says :

    Dr. Neumann has left a lasting legacy that his family should be extremely proud of. My family and I would like to offer our most heartfelt condolences to the family of Dr. Neumann.

  46. Quintin Robinson says :

    Thank you for all you have done for the learning community throughout your life.

    Quintin Robinson

  47. Kathleen Hargiss says :

    Dr. Neumann will be truly missed..

    I remember years ago when I refused to stay at the Homestead and billed the university for my Marriott room.

    Dr. Neumann started calling me Dr. Marriott…will never forget his humor!

  48. Craig Dossman says :

    Dr. Neumann was a gift to the educational online community. His legacy will live forever through the protocols he established to bring the joys of learning to those who had often been overlooked and underestimated. What a thoroughly lovely individual who went about lifting lives; one person at a time.

    Craig Arthur Dossman, Sr., PhD

  49. Heeja Kim says :

    My condolences to Dr. Neumann’s family and colleagues. I was honored to work for him at TUI. He was an exemplary leader with a great vision in Education. May Dr. Neumann Rest In Peace.

  50. Maya'nicole says :

    Education at TUW has been a wonderful experience because of the leadership and vision of Dr. Yoram Neumann carried out through exceptional staff. As a graduate of the Edith Neumann School of Health Sciences, I am grateful to have experienced Dr. Neumann’s unwavering commitment to education and social justice. My sincerest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. May his legacy live on though the lives of the thousands of students educated around the world.

  51. Moshe Krupka says :

    Dr. Neumann was a genius educator and a passionate Jew who served Humanity , The Jewish people and the State of Israel with love and dedication. He pioneered on-line education, allowing Touro to emerge as a leader in distance learning and served our institution as an extraordinary leader. I am grateful for having known this special man who will be greatly missed by all of those he touched. May Dr. Neumann’s memory be a blessing for his family and continue to inspire TUW students, faculty and leadership.

    Rabbi Moshe D. Krupka

  52. Dr. Radu Munteanu says :

    I had the great privilege to work under the leadership of Dr. Yoram who was a great leader and had a tremendous intellectual power and ability to relate to everyone.
    Dr Yoram vision and values will be carried and they provide us with an exemplary model of professionalism, compassion and leadership.

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.

    Dr. Radu M.

  53. Arnie Dahlke says :

    I offer my sincere condolences to Dr. Neumann‘s family and friends! It’s a sad day for TUW!!! He will be missed!

  54. Aaron Brownstein says :

    I remember when the Neumanns came to TUW and TCLA. Their charisma and reputation brought us a new sense of direction and confidence, which they followed up with steady progress and improvement. I remember noticing the sense of community and camaraderie they fostered among employees, which is another facet of the leadership they brought. Although they supervised many people, they always greeted me with a smile and an acknowledgement which made me feel like an important member of the team. I learned from their example about how to run a first class organization and how to work well with others, but I think the most inspirational thing I learned from them is in the way they worked together as partners in their joint projects, supporting and encouraging each other in their roles, which may have been the most important component of their recipe for success.

  55. Yair Maman says :

    A great friend and an inspiration to many
    שלום חבר

  56. Judy Whall says :

    My deepest condolences to Dr. Neumann family and the staff of TUW.

  57. John Preston says :

    Deepest condolences and sympathies to the family. Dr. Neumann will be greatly missed by all.

  58. Aunice Reed says :

    My condolences to the Neumann family and Touro U Community. He will be missed. I feel honored and blessed to have the opportunity to be a student at Touro U.

  59. Lallabrigida Cooper Singleton says :

    My condolences to Dr Yoram’s family and friends. Blessed have I been to have had the opportunity to have been bestowed the wealth of knowledge Dr. Yoram provided.
    May God Bless his family as they celebrate the life of. Dr. Yoram their loved one.

  60. Dr. Alan Kadish says :

    We were indeed fortunate to have Dr. Yoram Neumann leading Touro University Worldwide. His outstanding academic and professional accomplishments combined with his strong leadership skills to create the ideal Chancellor; a leader who inspired everyone who knew him. Touro will forever be grateful for his pioneering our distance learning programs, and he will always be appreciated by the students whose lives he improved. On behalf of the entire Touro family, I send my sincere condolences to Yoram’s family.

  61. Moshe D. Krupka says :

    Dr. Neumann was a genius educator and a passionate Jew who served Klal Yisroel and the State of Israel with love and dedication. He pioneered on-line education, allowing Touro to emerge as a leader in distance learning and served our institution as an extraordinary leader. I am grateful for having known this special man who will be greatly missed by all of those he touched. May Dr. Neumann’s memory be a blessing for his family and continue to inspire TUW students, faculty and leadership.

    Rabbi Moshe D. Krupka

  62. Patty Salkin says :

    I still can’t believe that Yoram is no longer physically with us. I will miss his intellect, his innovation and his wisdom. He was an early pioneer in distance education and made education accessible and affordable to countless people across the globe. May we be able to honor his legacy by continuing to build upon the foundation he so carefully laid out for us. TUW, TCUS and higher education is missing a gentle giant.

  63. Anastasia Luca says :

    I am shocked and deeply saddened by the unexpected tragic news.
    Dr. Neumann was a transformational and exemplary leader, a larger-than-life visionary, entrepreneur and strategic CEO, a wonderful person of great wisdom and deep humanity. Dr. Neumann foresaw the future of education online, much ahead of time. Together with late extraordinary Dr. Edith Neumann, they created, developed, and sustained two high caliber educational institutions. There are not enough words to express their incredible achievements, contributions, and humanity.
    I was privileged to work for both TUI and TUW under their visionary and exemplary leadership.
    My deep sympathy is with the family and the TCUS and TUW community.

  64. Wenli Wang says :

    My heart saddened with the passing of Dr. Neumann. Your vision, innovation, leadership and kindness has positively impacted my life. I truly appreciate you and will miss you dearly. My deepest condolences.

  65. Deborah Osborne says :

    My condolences to Dr Neuman and the Touro family.
    Alumni class of 2013

  66. Angela Hegamin says :

    It was such an honor to begin my higher education career with you and Edith, and what a blessing it was for me to learn so much from you both over the years. Because of you, I am the educator that I am today. You inspired me to pursue curricular excellence, leveraging the tools of planning and assessment, all the while placing the student learner at the center of every consideration. This is now part of my DNA, informing all I do as an educator and administrator. For this, your kindness, and your generosity I thank you. You will be missed dearly. Rest In Peace dear Yoram.

  67. Toutou Moussa Diallo says :

    It is with sincere sympathy that I express my condolences. I am grateful for his paving a path for me and to everyone else present and former students. May your soul Rest In Peace,.

  68. Lea and Moshe Hagigi says :

    Dr. Yoram Neumann was a great person and dear friend. We are all going to miss him . Please accept our sincere condolences. We’ll not forget him and his outstanding wife Dr. Edith Neumann.

  69. Shirley Robinson says :

    It would have been his 73rd birthday today, the 11th of May 2020. I remember the first day that I personally met Dr. Yoram Neumann at a restaurant near TUI. He approached me (because he saw I was wearing a TUI badge) and introduced himself to me as the former TUI President, which I thought was very cool. Jumping ahead to 2016, he made the final interview for my current position at TUW and he remembered the chance meeting at the restaurant. It was a privilege to have worked with and mentored by Dr. Edith Neumann and Dr. Yoram Neumann. I will miss them both and forever be grateful for their generosity, leadership and opportunity to be part of the TUW family.

  70. Aldwin Domingo says :

    I’ve been very blessed that both my personal and professional life has crossed paths with Dr. Yoram Neumann. I am thankful to have learned from him on how to be a compassionate and inspiring leader. I was constantly impressed with his keen intellect and broad vision for an inclusive online higher education that allows professional adult learners to meet their academic goals. On a personal level. I will miss his humorous and inspirational speeches during various all staff gatherings over the years. One story that sticks out in my mind is when he invited me in his office to help set-up a statistics software which eventually was instrumental in analyzing TUW student data showing that the significance of educational scaffolding towards student success. When I left his office on that day, I was extremely blessed to help him personally in exchange for all the guidance and help he has personally provided for numerous other fellow scholars and students that came before me. Overall, I am forever thankful for learning from him to be a well-rounded academic scholar and transformational higher education leader. I hope to humbly continue Dr. Neumann’s legacy as I continue my journey to be an academic teacher and leader in the 21st century higher education landscape.

  71. Afrooz Afghani says :

    Yoram and the late Edith Neumann offered me my first job in 2002. For that, I was grateful since they made their hiring decision on credentials only and gave me the opportunity to build my career through the years. TUI served as a supportive environment for me for 10 years and I was able to use it as a stepping stone to get to bigger and better goals in my life.
    I thank them both for that first opportunity and for the role they both played in my career.
    Rest in peace, Neumanns.