What to Expect in a Doctoral Degree in Human and Organizational Psychology Program

Human and organizational psychologists work in an important, challenging field. They strive to understand how human behavior impacts the workplace. They make recommendations on changes that bolster morale. They also develop management practices that maximize employee performance.

Mastering those tasks requires specialized skills and a commitment to education. Those who wish to reach the pinnacle of the profession earn a doctorate . Others may specialize in organizational leadership .

Both prepare graduates for the complex challenges ahead.

Doctoral Degree in Organizational Psychology Program Design

Touro University Worldwide endorses a scholar-practitioner model in its organizational psychology and leadership programs. The school strives to give graduates theoretical knowledge and research skills. They also want them to understand how to apply both in the real business world.

It’s important to note that a doctorate in psychology differs from other areas of organizational management and leadership. There are degrees available in these areas outside of psychology. Many are stepping stones to earning an MBA.

Psychologists approach things differently. They look at individuals and how they interact within a group. They assess group behavior as a whole. They look for the issues that underpin employee morale, productivity, and performance.

At Touro University Worldwide, online doctorate programs feature faculty who have experience applying psychology theories and skills to those areas.

Students outcomes include:

  • Applying a scholar-practitioner model to develop evidence-based solutions when presented with a problem in professional practice
  • Selecting and applying theories, principles and best practices from social science literature in service of evidence-based applications
  • Designing research methods to measure and validate evidence-based solutions in professional practice
  • Designing evidence-based solutions that combine local and research-based evidence to producing an integrative approach to practice
  • Evaluating relevant information resources in service of translational research and evidence-based solutions
  • Implementing evidence-based solutions to demonstrate cultural responsiveness and ethical awareness
  • Integrating best organizational practices including issue-selling, collaboration and group processes to help groups attain success in implementing solutions
  • Employing a progressive problem-solving process comprised of plan, act, observe and reflect

Coursework in a Doctoral Degree in Organizational Psychology Program

In the Touro University Worldwide curriculum, doctoral students learn applied social psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, cognitive psychology and media psychology.

They take advanced classes in qualitative research and survey design. Courses also focus on the scholar-practitioner model, evidence-based practices and applying research to practical, professional challenges.

Those who specialize in organizational leadership also learn research methods but focus on organizational leadership and human resources in their core courses. In both programs, students develop and defend a doctoral dissertation.

The rigorous doctoral program offers graduates a chance to earn positions at the top of the profession. That can include work within large organizations, academics, pure research or as consultants.

Organizational psychology is a field that attracts professionals who want to play a significant role in improving how a business is run and the lives of employees. While the educational path is a long one, graduates from a doctoral program position themselves to achieve that goal. Ready to launch your career in organizational psychology? Apply today!

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