Salary Opportunities with an MBA

Graduates discover salary increases with MBA degree

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), higher education can equate to higher earning potential. The BLS compiled data using numbers from 2012 to highlight the value of advanced education for job seekers, and a graduate degree has been shown to pay off.

UnemploymentDegreeMedian weekly earnings
2.5%Doctoral degree$1,624
3.5%Master’s degree$1,300
4.5%Bachelor’s degree$1,066
6.2%Associate degree$785
7.7%Some college, no degree$727
8.3%High school diploma$652

The BLS data illustrates real-time value of advanced degrees for professionals in today’s workforce. A master’s degree gives you an edge in a variety of fields and positions for tremendous career growth. However, a higher degree doesn’t guarantee a high pay off. Business experts recommend professionals consider the typical education requirements in their field, including what is expected and what is desired, before making the investment in an advanced degree.

For business professionals considering a Master of Business Administration (MBA), the area of concentration is key for lucrative earnings and ultimate career satisfaction. Touro University Worldwide (TUW) joins a select number of higher education institutions that recognize the importance of targeted MBA programs for better career outcomes for our graduates. Our MBA program includes five concentrations that allow students to specialize their course of study. These areas are:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Global management
  • Human resources management
  • Marketing

After an intensive academic experience, graduates will discover salary increases with MBA credentials. Consider the following salary information for each MBA concentration in today’s job market.


Accounting-focused MBA programs are ideal for professionals seeking CPA or CMA certification. Credit hours meet testing requirements and boost your field knowledge. Most accounting professionals jockeying for senior-level roles will seek an MBA.

Common careers and salary levels for MBA graduates with a concentration in accounting include:

  • Financial manager: $103,910
  • Budget analyst: $68,200
  • Senior accountant: $60,800

The BLS estimates a 16 percent employment growth for accountants through 2020.


The finance sector relies heavily on MBA-prepared professionals to take the helm of senior- and junior-level careers. Financial professionals are helping to guide business investment and operation decisions based on economic trends.

Common careers and salary levels for MBA graduates with a concentration in finance include:

  • Financial examiner: $74,940
  • Senior financial analyst: $85,600
  • Market research analyst: $60,570

The BLS estimates a 23 percent employment growth for finance professionals through 2020.

Global management

Globalization is powering the scale of business, driving competition and connecting international businesses with new consumers around the globe. Global businesses rely on savvy business professionals with insight into international relations and large-scale business operations. Our MBA with a concentration in global management delivers a comprehensive skill set in international business so you are equipped to take on senior-level business positions.

Common careers and salary levels for MBA graduates with a concentration in global management include:

  • Import/export manager: $83,961
  • International management consultant: $78,160
  • Foreign sales representative: $66,215

Human resources management

Growing workforces drive the demand for educated human resources professionals to lead recruitment and retention efforts that secure business operations, train workforces in new operations and policies, and cultivate positive relationships between employees and managers. MBA programs focused in human resources management have raised the standard of practice for HR professionals.

Common careers and salary levels for MBA graduates with a concentration in human resources management include:

  • Compensation and benefits manager: $89,270
  • Human resources manager: $99,180
  • Training and development manager: $89,170

The BLS estimates a 21 percent employment growth for human resources professionals through 2020.


There are many entry-level careers for professionals without an MBA; however, management and creative roles are looking to hire professionals equipped with a broader business sense to take on leadership roles and drive new initiatives through planning, coordination and evaluation. TUW’s MBA with a concentration in marketing focuses on media management, social media marketing and more.

Common careers and salary levels for MBA graduates with a concentration in marketing include:

  • Marketing manager: $108,260
  • Market research analyst: $60,570
  • Sales manager: $98,530

The BLS estimates a 14 percent employment growth for marketing and sales professionals through 2020.

TUW’s MBA provides a comprehensive study of business concepts while also delivering focused curriculum that targets career outcomes. Choose a concentration that aligns with your career goals and discover your academic path toward success.

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