The Real ROI of an MBA

An MBA degree can help maximize your future

A decade ago, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) would have sealed the deal for guaranteed career growth and higher earnings. However, the influx of professionals continuing their education in pursuit of this formidable degree has rattled the market and caused some to question the real value of an MBA. Don’t let this buzz shake your resolve to earn this business credential. Higher education pays off big in today’s job market, and the MBA is a credential with a solid return on your investment.

The ROI of an MBA is three-fold, as graduates can expect to see personal, professional as well as financial rewards after earning this advanced degree. Learn how an MBA can help you maximize your career outcomes and gain real ROI.

Earnings and Job Security vs. Education Level

Your level of education is directly linked to your earning potential and job security, helping to support both your professional and financial goals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has compiled employment data from 2012 that illustrates a direct correlation between education level and your success in the job market. Higher education translates to higher salaries and lower unemployment.

Unemployment RateEducation LevelMedian Weekly Earnings
3.5%Master’s degree$1,300
4.5%Bachelor’s degree$1,066
6.2%Associate degree$785
7.7%Some college, no degree$727
8.3%High school diploma$652

Financial Benefits Pay for Degree

Many MBA prospects initially think of their degree’s monetary value when choosing to continue their education. Knowing that your degree will pay for itself over time can be a much-needed incentive to pursue an MBA. It should be noted that the pay grade of a professional with an MBA can fall along a broad spectrum on the traditional pay scale due to a variety of factors, of which include degree versatility within industries, experience, location and more.  However, according to results from the Global Management Education Graduate Survey, which measured the responses of a sample of MBA graduates from the class of 2012, professionals can expect to see an average salary increase of 71 percent over their pre-degree salaries. And, additional data compiled by—the official site of the GMAT—reports that MBA graduates recouped their full degree investment after just four years. Because the upfront cost of a college degree can sometimes overwhelm new students, knowing that your degree will quickly pay for itself should provide much-needed encouragement to seek this business credential.

MBA Fast-Tracks Your Professional Goals

One of the top reasons professionals continue their education with an MBA is to earn a promotion within their current company or to transition their career to a more advanced business field. An MBA is designed to help put your professional goals within reach. According to an survey, the majority of MBA graduates who responded reported good to outstanding career outcomes in qualitative and quantitative skills, opportunities for faster career advancement and leadership positions. The same source sites another 86 percent of MBA alumni from the 2000–2011 classes reported earning promotions faster than they had expected. Career advancement can equate to greater job satisfaction and professional accomplishment—your resume will land at the top of the pile with an MBA.

MBA Provides a Sense of Personal Accomplishment

Professional status and salary aren’t the only components that create a satisfied professional. Personal achievement can boost your self-esteem and sense of value, and higher education can contribute to a sense of personal accomplishment. reports that 93 percent of MBA alumni from the classes of 2000 to 2011 believe that their degree is personally rewarding. The source also sites that 87 percent of respondents claim an MBA helped improve their job satisfaction; 79 percent said it allowed for a more effective work–life balance.

The real value of an MBA can’t be measured just by the numbers on a paycheck. Today’s professional is seeking a career that provides professional development and achievement as well as a sense of personal accomplishment. Touro University Worldwide’s MBA delivers a unique business education experience through our fully online format that delivers personal, professional and financial rewards. Industry thought leaders facilitate courses that engage students in real-world practices while building a solid academic foundation around the basic business principles and new economic trends. Students can narrow their focus for greater career outcomes through our five unique concentrations, which are accounting, finance, global management, human resources management and marketing. Now is your time to discover real ROI with an online MBA degree from Touro University Worldwide.

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