The Value of An MBA Marketing Concentration

In today’s business world, specialization means everything.

While an MBA is still the best way to qualify for the top jobs in business, having a specialty concentration makes for even better job candidates. For those who know what career field they want to enter, choosing an MBA program with a concentration is a smart move.

One of the options is to earn an MBA with a Concentration in Marketing. Now available through an online degree program, earning an MBA Marketing Concentration has never been easier. Anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world can take advantage of quality MBA programs.

It’s a smart choice financially, as well., the internet job site, lists an MBA Marketing Concentration as one of the best-paying MBA concentrations. They report the annual average salaries for those who earn the degree as about $113,000 a year.

Advantages of an MBA Marketing Concentration

Employers increasingly want those with expertise in specialty fields. While the days of the generalist are not quite dead, they are rapidly fading as companies learn the value of having people on staff who are the best at certain critical jobs.

Marketing is one of those jobs. Finding the best ways to bring a company’s products or services to the attention of consumers is one of the most important jobs in any business operation.

It’s also one of the most complex. The explosion of technology innovation has created the need for expertise in digital marketing. That includes everything from the design and functions of a website to content marketing, social media marketing and understanding the concepts behind search engine optimization.

Careers for those with an MBA Marketing Concentration

Depending on where you earn your degree, different skills may be taught. At Touro University Worldwide, the emphasis is on producing graduates who can take on leadership positions in several marketing-related jobs.

They include marketing, product development and promotions. Offered 100% online, the program focuses on educating students in the latest marketing theory, strategy and practical applications in the expanding, global market.

Potential jobs for those who graduate with an MBA Marketing Concentration include:

  • Vice president for marketing
  • Business development manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Promotions director

Marketing is also a rapidly expanding field. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects the jobs for marketing managers will increase 10 percent by 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. The BLS also reports an average salary of $106,000 for marketing managers with the top 10 percent in the field making more than $208,000.

Other Concentrations

While marketing offers great career opportunities, others may prefer different concentrations with an MBA. Touro University Worldwide offers concentrations in:

All the above could open the door to a rewarding, stable career. Much as with an MBA Marketing Concentration, deciding to focus on a specific concentration can result in a big return on investment down the road.

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