What Will I Learn in Touro University Worldwide’s MBA Program?

Graduate degree prepares future business leaders

Touro University Worldwide (TUW) now offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) online for students looking to further their business career through advanced education. Our online MBA program builds on traditional core competencies while also exploring central business specializations giving students the opportunity for more focused career outcomes. And, our online program delivery method removes two of the common barriers to enrollment – time and distance – giving you access to the benefits of an MBA now.

Students will receive a comprehensive business education when they enroll in our MBA that is focused on the understanding and practice of essential functions and relationships of businesses at every level – local to global – for maximized growth opportunities in our modern economy. We are also committed to preparing would-be business professionals to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s business environment through an emphasis on the application of business theory to practice in an effort to build strong leadership and critical thinking skills. Students graduate from our program prepared to become capable professionals with a firm understanding of the theories, research studies and business models that apply to modern business practices.

MBA Concentrations Provide Focused Career Outcomes

Our unique approach to the MBA makes it a smart investment for professionals looking for more out of their graduate business degree. In addition to the nine core courses and a capstone course required for a traditional MBA, students must choose one of five concentrations with a requirement of an additional three courses in that chosen area. Through these concentration-centered courses designed to bridge academic competencies with practical applications, students will explore traditional as well as innovative business concepts for a well-rounded business study. TUW’s MBA concentrations including the following:

  • Accounting: Courses in this concentration explore the application of budgeting, auditing and taxes in a business environment exploring corporate level accounting principles and ethics.
  • Finance: Students in this concentration will take a closer look at capital investments, budgeting and global finance for a comprehensive study of the numbers behind typical business operations.
  • Global management: Organizational management of international corporations is essential to identifying and meeting market challenges and opportunities. Courses take a deeper look at leadership strategies and competing business models for success as a business manager. Students will also explore the dynamics of management in the nonprofit sector.
  • Human resources management: Workforce productivity and efficiency can be improved through effective human resource management. This concentration will explore the dynamics of employee and employer relationships and how human resource-related initiatives can foster an improved work environment.
  • Marketing: Marketing is far beyond its genesis as a key component of successful business operations. It is now, in fact, critical to the success of a business. The marketing concentration examines how marketing concepts such as market research, interactive marketing and more can be used to bolster a business’s bottom line through improved communications with stakeholders.

Core MBA courses take a comprehensive approach to typical MBA competencies for a well-rounded academic experience. Students will complete courses in communications, economics, accounting, finance, organizational management, marketing, ethics, strategy and more. Students must also complete a capstone courses that is designed to test what they have learned throughout their program. Students will emerge from the program with a solid education and a credential that will better prepare them to enter today’s workforce.

MBA Provides Real Benefits

Our MBA is designed for the adult learner and provides real benefits for the student looking to earn a solid business credential. Because time is of the essence of adult learners, our program can be completed in just 12 months when students enroll full-time. This accelerated pace requires a strong commitment and dedication; however, students will be on track to discover greater career opportunities sooner.

We are committed to the education of our students and have designed our MBA using a learner-centered model, which puts students first. Classes are kept small so students receive personalized attention from instructors and peers even without traditional face-to-face interactions. Students are constantly engaged throughout their program with thoughtful discussions led by instructors with a passion for higher education. These instructors have been chosen based on their academic record and real-world experience so students can rest assured they are learning from the best.

Our online MBA is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Our accreditation status solidifies our program’s validity in the online education market and ensures students are receiving a quality degree.

Discover our new online MBA degree program and reach your career goals now.

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