5 Financially Rewarding Opportunities for MBA Graduates

It seems that everyone is talking about the benefits of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. In fact, in many companies, an MBA is required to advance to executive positions. Online MBA programs can be an option for busy working professionals who want the degree to advance their career. But does the degree really live up to the hype? Discover five careers opportunities for MBA graduates

Information Security Analyst

These analysts focus on protecting and monitoring the network systems of an organization. While prior experience in information security is required, large organizations may require an MBA for their analysts. This is a position that will continue to grow as more and more as our data continues to be hosted online.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median average salary of information security analysts is $86,170. Companies in finance, especially banks like Chase and PNC, are among the top employers of security professionals.

Financial Manager

Financial analysts and managers oversee all money matters for an organization, including profit and loss sheets, budgeting and investments. An MBA specializing in finance is required to gain the skills and credentials needed to succeed in this highly specialized field. This degree will allow them to develop strong corporate finance skills and become a much more attractive candidate. Financial managers oversee all money matters for an organization.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial management positions pay an average of $109,740 annually. Any kind of financial firm is often looking for a financial manager, but the highest paid are employed in New York or California.

Management Analyst

Organizations across the country are constantly looking over their hierarchy and examining how efficient and profitable they are. Management analysts provide recommendations on how a client can improve their productivity and increase profits. Having a certification from the Management Consultants Association (IMCA) can improve job prospects. Professionals with experience in operations can transition into this role.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that management analysts earn an average of $78,600 annually. These hierarchy experts typically work for consulting firms or on their own.

Operations Research Consultant

These analysts focus on the logistics of sales and productions. They deal with supply chains and factories, either for a specific client or a consulting firm. This role does have entry-level positions that are available for professionals with a bachelor’s degree, but having an MBA can help you progress quicker.

The Bureau of Labor Services lists the median annual pay for operations research consultants at $72,100 annually. Corporations with large logistical operations are in constant need for these professionals.

Interpreter and Translator

As businesses continue to globalize the need for professionals, the need for business translators will continue to grow. Fluency, of course, is a prerequisite for the role but having an MBA concentrated in some kind of global business field can help improve your standing. With the higher-paying jobs involving high levels of detailed conversation, an MBA can help you find a place at big businesses and government agencies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Services, foreign interpreters earn a median annual salary of $45,430. While that number seems low, working in a large international hub like Washington D.C. increases the median pay to $92,390. Any government agency or large international business will be looking for a well-trained interpreter and will more than likely pay well.

Scholar-Practitioner Model of Study

At TUW, we firmly believe that learning from leaders helps you become one. Our highly trained instructors aren’t just teaching material from a textbook, they are inserting their own personal experiences as professionals. These instructors are leaders in their fields and share their experience with students, so concepts are taught in a practical, concrete way that can be immediately implemented. Our students are also encouraged to bring their own professional experiences to the program, and help peers learn through them. These practices help foster strong business skills and give real-world application for future use. Students also hone their collaboration abilities and practice workplace soft skills such as teamwork and communication.


Although earning your MBA can help increase your credentials in the business world, specializing your degree with a concentration can make you even more valuable to employers. Our online MBA program has seven different concentrations available:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Global Management
  • Health Administration Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing
  • Non-profit Management (for Jewish Leadership)

These different concentrations allow students to specialize in the area they are seeking a career. Each specialization features its own unique group of courses, and students are able to gain strong field-specific skills. An MBA can boost your career in both unexpected and expected ways. Our online MBA program provides you with the tools you need to advance your future, while giving you the flexibility to succeed. Visit our MBA program page to learn more about how you can boost your career at TUW.

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