Gain the Knowledge you Need to Make a Difference with Children and Adolescents

Few fields are more fascinating than that of child and adolescent psychology. Helping young minds grow and develop into capable, adjusted adults is a reward in itself, and when combined with the growing demand for child counselors and educators, a career in child and adolescent psychology is certainly alluring.

With a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Psychology, you can start your path toward this exciting career. This program will prepare you to pursue a Master’s or Doctorate in child and adolescent psychology, or you may wish to enter the workforce with a Bachelor’s degree as a counselor.

Over the course of this program, students will learn crucial topics such as social and emotional development, multicultural issues, cognitive and language development, infancy and early childhood development, middle childhood and adolescent development, and much more.

Though child and adolescent psychology may be a very focused field, there are still a wide range of career options available to someone who enters this field. Students who graduate with a BA in child and adolescent psychology will be able to work in schools, hospitals, orphanages, and other organizations as counselors. There, they will be responsible for helping children work through psychological issues that they may be dealing with and ensuring that they develop the cognitive, social, language, and emotional skills that they need to succeed.

Using a BA with a concentration in child and adolescent psychology as a stepping stone to a Master’s or a Doctorate allows students to pursue even more lucrative careers in hospitals and private practices, and working as policy makers, researcher, and educators.

If you enjoy working with children and also enjoy the rich wealth of information that the field of psychology has to offer, then the courses in this concentration will be the perfect addition to your BA in Psychology degree.

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