Many students who are seeking to earn their first college degree choose to pursue an Associate of Arts in General Studies. After earning their associate degree, students can continue their higher education in a bachelor’s degree program.

By completing general education courses, students in an associate degree program receive a solid foundation in: communication, critical thinking, mathematics, physical and biological sciences, arts and humanities, social sciences, cultural studies, history and information literacy. These subjects provide a strong education applicable to a variety of careers. Electives allow students to tailor their coursework to individual passions and interests.

With an associate degree, graduates are qualified for many entry-level positions. Two common areas are social services and health education.

Social Services

Students interested in a career in social services can prepare by earning an associate degree, which includes coursework in social sciences and communication. Examples include sociology, psychology, economics, speech and writing.

Health Care Education

Those students who think they may want a career in health education should focus on science subjects like biology, nutrition and anatomy. Health education is a very important profession in clinics and hospitals. Various health educator jobs are in diabetes education, lactation education, patient discharge from hospitals and so on. There is a tremendous need for health educators for patients of all ages.