Demand Grows for Cybersecurity MBA

MBA students graduating with a cybersecurity concentration place themselves on a path to one of the hottest careers in business.

That’s because individuals with such a degree can bridge the gap between boardroom executives and those in information technology; they understand both worlds. Understanding both worlds of management and information technology is a rare and attractive skillset in a business world where that gap can get significantly large.

Because of this need, some colleges have started to design degree programs around this challenging and growing area. Touro University Worldwide truly understands the unique needs and offers a Master of Business Administration with a concentration on Cybersecurity Management. Such degree programs are highly suited for the current job market.

Available 100% online, the degree program prepares students with the foundational knowledge for a career in cybersecurity, data management and compliance, as well as management of IT infrastructure and services.

Cybersecurity Attacks on the Rise

The main driver behind the need for cybersecurity experts are the increased number of cyber-attacks in recent years. Major companies, including Target and Sony, and government agencies were all targeted by hackers.

There have also been major breeches of secure information at Yahoo and the credit reporting agency Equifax. The Ransomware attacks also have grabbed headlines and people’s (nervous) attention.

Securing information against such attacks has become a paramount job for private business and public agencies. The need for people who understand the security measures behind protecting information are in demand more than ever.

Unique Skills

An MBA with a focus on cybersecurity management is another level of training in the field. It prepares graduates with the foundational knowledge to become executives with an understanding of how cybersecurity technology and strategy works.

It also provides students with knowledge on industry and governmental regulatory compliance which includes collecting, storing and managing data. What makes the program unique is the blend of traditional business school coursework – accounting, finance and marketing—with courses that focus on cybersecurity areas such as information security, compliance, the ethics of data management computer forensics.

Students graduate with expertise in how cybersecurity and technology issues directly impact an organization.

Touro University Worldwide supports the belief that an MBA with a concentration in cybersecurity management prepares graduates to “solve the data management problems” that affect organizations in every industry, the nonprofit sector and in government agencies.

A Skill Gap

Executives and managers trained in this area are needed, but there are not enough to fill the current demand. For example, Tad Oelstrom, a cybersecurity expert at Harvard University, stated Business Because, “There is an insufficient amount of expertise in this area,” In the same article, it is also reported that cybersecurity jobs took 14% longer to fill than other positions.

Due to the lack of expertise, business leaders with cybersecurity knowledge are highly valued. For those considering earning an MBA, a concentration in cybersecurity, it is a wise choice that could yield significant pay off when entering a competitive job market.

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