5 MBA Careers You Never Knew Existed

If you are considering a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), you probably have a career in business already. Whether you work in finance or marketing, management or IT, earning your MBA is a great way to increase your knowledge and advance your career. However, an MBA is also a great choice if you are looking to take your career in a new direction. You may be surprised to learn that professionals don’t always stay in the same area of business once they earn their MBA. In fact, MBA graduates have a number of careers open to them that you may have never considered.

MBA degree programs, like the one offered by Touro University Worldwide, have many applications in businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. Once enrolled, you will have access to the theories, research studies and business models you need to be successful in business, no matter what career path you plan to take. These real-world business skills have many applications, and we’ve put together a guide to five unique careers with an MBA to make sure you know what employment options will be open to you once your degree is earned.

Brand Manager

Professionals who hold this position create an identity for their company among consumers and also improve product sales. They monitor market trends and oversee marketing and advertising activities to ensure that the right message is delivered to their audience. Brand managers work closely with product developers, researchers, marketing specialists and creative agencies. Average salary for a brand manager is around $60,000. They can be employed as consultants or in-house. If you have good analytical and communication skills, as well as the ability to think in abstract terms, a career as a brand manager may be a great fit for you.

Creative Executive

A creative executive manages the creative product of a business, such as an advertising agency or movie studio. These professionals can also hold titles like creative director or media director. In the film industry, creative executives work closely with producers and directors in charge of ongoing productions. In the advertising industry, creative executives direct designers, writers and others in order to produce material for clients. The overall responsibility of a creative executive is to manage the creative personnel within a company. The average salary for a creative executive is approximately $85,000 annually.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are responsible for a variety of duties, such as providing financial forecasting reports and recommending measures to reduce costs. They also supervise and direct other finance staff members. These professionals analyze and compare sales projections and portfolio holdings, as well. If you have strong organizational skills and an interest in the financial aspect of how a business is run, a career as a financial analyst could be a great fit for you. Average annual salary for financial analysts is around $90,000.

Management Consultant

These professionals help organizations solve problems and improve the performance of businesses. They use their experience and skills to provide objective advice and expertise that organizations may lack. Management consultants work to increase efficiency through implementing changes in strategy, structure, management and operations within an organization. They suggest areas for improvement and serve as a valuable resource for companies. In this position, you will likely be employed by a consultancy firm and will operate in marketing, business strategy, structure, management and finance. If you are organized, responsible and ready for a leadership role, a consulting career may be right for you. The salary for management consultants is about $100,000 yearly.


An entrepreneur is interested in pursuing new ventures. Rather than working as an employee, entrepreneurs usually run small businesses and assume all the risk and reward of the venture, idea or service they develop and offer for sale. Because they take new goods and ideas to market and make them profitable, entrepreneurs play a key role in both the business industry and the economy. Entrepreneurs must have a keen understanding of markets and what customers want. Specific jobs will vary, but if you are innovative, good at sales and not afraid of being a leader, working as an entrepreneur may be the ideal job for you. Salaries also fluctuate widely depending on the industry in which you work, as well as the size of the business or company you develop. In general, entrepreneurs can earn anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000 yearly and beyond.

Earning Your MBA at Touro

At Touro University Worldwide, we understand that many students are looking to advance their careers with an MBA. That’s why our online MBA program is structured to be both flexible for your busy schedule and applicable in terms of real-world skills. The curriculum includes nine core courses and three concentration courses, which amounts to a total credit requirement of 36 credits . Students also select one of five concentrations so they can tailor their education to their professional goals. Available concentrations are:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Global management
  • Marketing
  • Human resources management

To apply to our MBA degree program, students must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and maintained a minimum  overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Transfer students must be in good academic standing from another institution’s graduate program and have a minimum GPA of 2.75. To find out more about Touro’s online MBA program, visit our School of Business and Management page.

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