How Getting an AA in General Studies Can Boost Your Career

Many potential college students might delay starting their collegiate careers because they haven’t decided on a major. Nonetheless, those who find themselves in this position can enhance their job prospects by earning a general associate degree.

Earning an AA in General Studies improves a graduate’s chances of getting hired for jobs in various fields. They include jobs in technology, communications, science, business, human resources, and media.

The beauty of a general studies degree is that it allows students to hone their interests while preparing them with skills needed in a wide variety of fields.

What Is a General Studies Degree?

An associate degree is awarded for students who complete two years of academic studies (although it does not have to take two years to complete). It’s a prerequisite for earning a bachelor’s degree.

A general studies degree gives students foundational knowledge in many academic areas. Whatever career field a student eventually becomes interested in, an AA in General Studies gives them a solid start. Associate degree students:

  • Develop strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Increase literacy and math skills
  • Boost creative thinking
  • Learn a broad base of knowledge in many different subjects, including history, art and humanities, and social sciences

Why Earn an AA in General Studies?

There are many good reasons for earning a general studies degree. One of the biggest is flexibility. Students often earn an AA on their way to earning a higher degree. Earning an AA degree also allows them to acquire more knowledge and skills while determining their career interests.

For some students, it offers a quick way to earn a college degree. For example, military students may bring a large number of transfer credits into a general studies program. This allows them to earn an AA in General Studies quickly.

An associate degree will also increase income. As federal government statistics show, employees with an associate degree earn $8,100 per year more than those with a high school degree.

What Jobs Can You Get with An Associate Degree?

Earning an AA in General Studies provides more flexibility in choosing a career path. With a foundational education on a wide variety of topics, AA graduates make for more well-rounded employees with a deeper knowledge of many different topics.

Employers in many industries consider those with an associate degree for job openings. An article on the job site discusses the career potential from earning an AA degree, listing popular careers for graduates.

Bank teller: Sometimes called cashiers, bank tellers receive and process bank transactions. The job requires attention to detail and strong math skills.

Technical writer: Technical writers create content used in user manuals, design specifications, online directions, and more.

Copywriter: Copywriters focus on creating content for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Executive assistant: The job duties vary depending on the position. Typically, executive assistants coordinate schedules and activities for executives, prepare them for meetings, manage complex paperwork, and more.

Research assistant: This job normally involves gathering data from a variety of sources to support ongoing research. Job duties vary from reviewing study literature to gathering materials needed to submit for a research grant.

Marketing and public relations: Some companies, government agencies, or nonprofits will consider those with an AA for entry-level jobs in public relations and marketing in areas such as brand management and corporate communications.

Software consultant: Education requirements in the tech industry vary depending on the company and the nature of the job. Those with an associate degree and strong skills can earn positions on teams that help companies develop and improve their software.

Law enforcement: An AA in General Studies helps prepare students for careers in law enforcement, including police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and highway patrol officers.

The TUW AA in General Studies

The AA in General Studies from Touro University Worldwide gives students the chance to learn more about familiar subjects, broaden their horizons on new ones.

The TUW program combines a multidisciplinary set of required courses. In addition, students have the opportunity to select coursework based on their interests and goals.

In many cases, earning an associate degree serves as a stepping stone to earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree. The degree also boosts a student’s career in the short term, providing them with skills and knowledge that employers want in various fields.

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