Why Now Might Be the Best Time to Finish Your Bachelor’s Degree

More working adults than ever realize that it really is never too late to earn your Bachelor’s degree. Many choose to enter a Bachelor’s degree completion program, faced with situations where lack of a college degree is holding them back.

The emergence of online bachelor degree completion programs provides a big boost to the ambitions of workers seeking to complete a four-year degree. With online programs, working adults can earn their degrees while they maintain their current job.

Adults who want to finish a bachelor’s degree are far from alone. People once considered “non-traditional” college students are now a large segment of all college students. According to studies cited by MarketWatch, more of these non-traditional students attend college than a generation ago, with nearly 40% of undergraduates now older than 25 and almost one-quarter of them raising children while attending college.

Signs You Should Finish Your Bachelor’s Degree Now

The reasons for wanting to enter a bachelor’s degree completion program are as varied as those who enroll in them. Nonetheless, there are overarching issues that motivate most people. Any one of them can convince people the time has come to finish their degree.

Unable to Land Desired Position

Many jobs, especially those with more responsibilities and higher pay, require a Bachelor’s degree. While skills learned within a program are important, the simple act of earning a degree shows employers the motivation of an employee to set a difficult goal and achieve it. That makes you a more attractive option for promotion.

Need to Make a Better Salary

Studies have shown those with a bachelor’s degree earn more than those without one. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly updates a chart on this issue. The most recent data shows those with a Bachelor’s degree earn a median weekly salary of $1,173 (this includes all salaries nationwide from every field). For those with only a high school diploma, that number is $712.

Unexciting Prospects

This is harder to quantify. Many people reach a point where the only jobs they qualify for are ones that they are not excited about. They have grown past the jobs that their education level allows them to attain. Earning a Bachelor’s degree provides a proven pathway to qualify for jobs they are excited about doing.

Lack of Leadership Skills

Leadership is a key area where college students can develop marketable skills. Students learn theories related to management and methods to apply them successfully. Despite having years of experience, many non-credentialed working adults may wait for a promotion because they lack a college degree and the leadership skills they learn in a college program.

The Benefits of the TUW Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program

Touro University Worldwide became a trailblazer in the early days of online learning to help those who might be considered “non-traditional.” Working adults deserve a chance to earn a degree without having to leave their current job. TUW’s online Bachelor’s degree completion program offers students the flexibility they need to complete their educational goals.

Other benefits of the TUW Bachelor’s degree completion program include:

  • Many Bachelor’s degree options. Students can choose from many different fields to earn a Bachelor’s degree.
  • A generous transfer policy. TUW may grant students up to 90 semester hours of credit for coursework completed at other accredited academic institutions. The University has also reduced tuition and a streamlined the credit transfer process for students from seven community colleges: Amarillo College, Collin College, Del Mar College, Lone Star College, Maricopa Community Colleges, Rio Salado, and Tarrant County College.
  • Student-centered advisement. As part of its Student Success Center, TUW offers educational advisement through an academic advisor assigned to each student from the moment they enroll until they complete their degree.
  • Assistance with course selection. Academic advisors also help students select the right classes for each term to keep them on track to complete their degree.
  • Registration. Students are guided throughout the registration process, including assistance in finding all financial aid available.
  • Create individualized degree plans. Each student develops a degree plan with their academic advisor that ensures they stay focused on earning the credits to complete their Bachelor’s degree.

Few things in life can have the long-term impact of earning a college degree. With a high-quality Bachelor’s degree completion program available online, now might be the best time to finish your Bachelor’s degree.

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